I know we've often discussed when the best time might be to book a Butlins holiday to get the best price (ie. booking early vs leaving the booking to the last minute) so anyone who likes Center Parcs may be interested to know they've changed their policy, got rid of all their discount codes, and made it clear when the best time to book is. From now on, they say booking early will give you the best price, whereas leaving the booking to the last minute will likely increase the price of the holiday. At least customers should now be fairly confident of knowing they've got the best price possible.

I have started doing the "Come back soon" (or "Book before you leave") offer - where you re-book your next holiday within 28 days of returning and get free travel & cancellation insurance, £25 worth of vouchers and their lowest price guarantee (if you find the holiday cheaper at any time after booking they will deduct the difference from what you've paid).

If anyone is interested, the whole explanation of their pricing policy can be found here: http://www.centerparcs.co.uk/makeabo...blePricing.jsp