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    For old and new members alike, I thought it would be nice to have quick links in one place to take you to some of the biggest and best threads here on Butlinsmemories forum.

    These are the threads that have been around for some considerable time, and keep popping back up occasionally as there always seems to be more to add to them.

    Feel free to add to them yourself, and if you find other threads you think should be in this list, add them to it in a reply.

    You've Never Been to Butlin's Unless...

    Started in 2003 (or possibly earlier than that on a previous version of the forum), this thread has survived at least one major forum crash in which most of the forum data was lost! It's a fun look at some of the things only a true Butlin's fan would be likely to understand.

    Another humourous thread about, strangely enough, irons and ironing! Apparently, it's one of the most popular holiday activities at Butlin's despite the shows, funfairs, swimming, sports and multiple other fun things on offer.

    Things that look like Butlin's

    What it says on the tin! This thread has been going since early 2004.

    Filey 2003 is there anything at all left?
    A fascinating, and at times emotional discussion about what was possibly the best loved Butlin's camp of them all (and certainly Sir Billy Butlin's personal favourite) Filey. This poor camp has been largely left to rot since it's closure in 1986 and even now a few neglected bits remain.
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    We have been lucky enough on two occasions for Richard Bates, the Butlins MD, to join us for Q+A sessions. These threads are both well worth a read and may well answer a lot of your questions about Butlins today;

    Click here to see the first Q+A session, from November 2009
    Click here to see the second Q+A session, from April 2010

    Finally, why not visit this thread where you can find details of how to get your very own BM t-shirt!

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