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Thread: Can U spel Butlinz? I can't.

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    bigboysdad Guest

    Default Can U spel Butlinz? I can't.

    Can U spel Buttlinz I carnt.

    Excuse me, I'm in a grumpy mood, but for cryin' out, have you not seen? Does it not hurt you eyes? It's Center Parcs, or rather the spelling of 'same'. on this site. Even this forum section has it wrong. Are we to be seen as morons?

    Forgive me, unless it's a rivalling comment on our Center Parcs competition, can we at least spell Center Parcs corrrectly? Please...

    There is no 'K'.

    If it is to remain, and I get the feeling it will, I suppose, let us all log on to and have done.

    If it is a snipe, despite me being a fan, I'm fine with it, but my fear is - it's not, which is dreadful. It'll be confimed, we are moronzzz!
    So, come on, spell Center Parcs as Center Parcs.

    Shall we be clear. There is no 'K', and Center is spelt as the Yanks do. No 'RE" How could it be got wrong. It's there for all to see.

    So can we set a convention on this forum, from here on in? Either spell Center Parcs correctly which I have no issue with, or, and this would be more fun, make a deliberate and very visible attempt to make the biggest hash of the spelling Center Parcs as possible, and grin with it.

    Thus, we could have 'centre park' or maybe 'center park'. Only my concern is, worryingly, spelling this way might not pass notice for some. Jeeeez, it doesn't now!

    'centre park' (sic)
    'center park' (sic)

    So, lets get really inventive in true gangsta rapperz tradition and spell it "Senta pArkz'

    So that's agreed then?

    No?? Tthought not.

    It's not Buttlinz either. Really it's not. It's Butlin's. See no Z? And only the one T, and, an aposthrophe too.

    For cryin' out loud, a typo is fine, I assure you, I make plenty of typos, (see my posts) but come on, spell, perrrleesseeezz!

    Yup, I'm warming to 'SeNta pArkz'?? I can see it looking particularly good, aerosol-sprayed to a wall.
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