Dear all,

As you may have already seen mentioned on other threads, Dermot King, Butlins MD, has kindly agreed to complete a Q & A Session for Butlins Memories members. I can now confirm that this will be between 3.00pm and 5.00pm this Friday, 9th December.

As you can appreciate, Dermot's time is very limited and I therefore ask that you only use this thread for questions, which Dermot will then answer in order on Friday. Any general comments should be posted on a separate thread.

In addition, as Dermot's time to answer our questions is limited to just two hours there is a chance that some questions may go unanswered, depending on how many questions are asked.

I would therefore ask, in order to give everyone a fair chance of having atleast one of their questions answered, that you please ask no more than one question per day. If you post more questions then your additional ones may be deleted and added to the thread at a later point. This rule applies until 3.00pm (GMT) on Thursday, 24 hours before the session, at which point you are free to post as many questions as you wish.

You may want to prioritorise your questions in order to increase the chances of your most pressing issues being answered.

This will be our first Q & A Session with Dermot King, having previously had Q & A Sessions with Richard Bates (the former MD of Butlins) in November 2009 here and April 2010 here. You may want to read through the previous threads and then ask questions to see how Dermot King's approach to Butlins differs from Richard's.