I have had what I can describe as a weird experience on my last night at Butlins:

The Story:

I spent the last night packing the stuff ready to go home (didn't start until 1am). I remember going to bed just before 2am and difted off to sleep, I remember being woke up by some noise and I looked at my youngest daughter (who I shared the bed with) and I saw something move near her face (it looked like a blackish shadow shape), I thought I was dreamt it and went back to sleep. I got woken again by some more loud noise ( I am slightly deaf and wear a hearing aid - once I take that off I cannot hear much), I looked across to the dresser and the door that leads to the other chalet (I was silver half board) and I saw something blackish greyish moving in that area. I turned the light on and saw nothing, switched the light back on and went back to sleep, I go woken up again by the noise, switched the light on and saw nothing, switched the light off again and tried to get back to sleep, got woken up again by the noise and saw a light pattern on the wall oposite the bed near the mirror - switched the light back on again and left it on and treid to go back to sleep - hard with the light on but didn't want to switch it off again lol. Didn't get woken up anymore by any noise.

The next morning I pin pointed the noise - it sounded like the cups and spoons that were on the tray on the dresser being rattled.

I was glad that it was my last night and if I was staying longer I would have asked to be moved lol.