I sadly know virtually nothing about the history of Warners but thought others might enjoy these two photos of the covers of brochures from 1975 and 1980.

Did anyone perhaps go to any of the Warners overseas hotels and can tell us a bit more about them ... or even if the buildings are still standing now as something else?

Funny to think that in 1975 you could go to Majorca or Benidorm "from 42.50" with flights included! The 1980 brochure is solely for Majorca and lists the hotels as: "Hotel Kontiki", "Maria Elena Apartments", and "Don Juan Apartments".

Unfortunately I have only seen these cover pages (not the contents inside) so don't know in which resorts the hotels were located.

If any Warners guests from the past are reading this and could fill us in on some details, do feel free to comment or join the forum. (Current Warner guests are of course also welcome to join in or create new Warner threads.)

If you haven't already seen it, there is an almost complete 1960's (UK) Warner brochure on this site here

PS to Kev: If you think these photos would add value to the main "Warners" page on this website then please feel free to use them.