Well what can i say......as you all know i am a loyal Butlins fan....BUT after spending a week in Craig Tara from the 13th-20th July i think i am totally converted... What a week of fun filled fun and games right from start to finish and all curtesy of the very hard working and talented Funstars....or Yellow coats as my kids were calling them..

Right from when we arrived In Craig Tara after only a short 90 min journey i could feel the buzz of the place... ON arrival outside reception there was a big bouncy castle, funstars on the decks with party dance musi blaring and funstar commentating over the mic and weloming everyone....on the path way there was free facepainting for the kids again by funstars and also hula hoops and more funstars encouraging and dancing with the kids while everyone checked in...

We were too early to check into our caravan, so we went to The one restraunt "the brigs o Ayr" equivalent of the Sun and Moon....In here the food was reasonably priced with kids menus and special offers through out various times of the day, service was very friendly and there was plenty waiting staff making sure the tables were kept clean and clear..

Entertainment....there are 2 main venues in Craig Tara... All accessed through the one area where the arcades etc are....there was the Bonga Wonga which was the kids entertainment venue (this became our 2nd home) and there was The Live Lounge....this was more adult themed and the later night venue....although on Friday and Saturday nights there was karaoke held in the Brigs o Ayr as well, kids need to be out there by 11pm though due to Scottish licsencing laws.
The Bonga Wonga host was the lovely Debs.....she was absolutley fantastic and kept the kids and adults alive with lots of fun, games, gameshows for both adults and kids and a yellow and blue team comp everynight...The funstars worked very hard as there only is around 10 of them you can imagine its non stop for them..... So we had talent show, we had cool mum competition, fancy dress competition, game shows, party dances, sea side squad shows...photo time.....all that and lots more, and they got everyone up and joining in...There was pie in the face, the chocolate game where a few kids got to smear the funstars with chocolate spread...very amusing to watch.....i could go on and on...

The live lounge...In here there was the usual adult bingo at 7pm, then live bands, and a few acts which came in, also they had same difference and same differene pop academy whih you dropped kids off at 10am and didnt get them until after they performed a show which they put together after 2.30pm..... Oh and they had a disco in the dark whih my kids loved...all the lights were turned out and it was glow in the dark party dances with all the kids and funstars wearing some kind of flashy light up thing... The funstars also put on a few well choreographed shows..spice girl tribute and pop music how it began, this is just to mention a few as my lot didn`t want to leave the Bonga Wonga.

Day time, there was always something going on.. Craig Tara has a new indoor sports venue called airspace....there is a climbing wall a big soft play area and a few different sections for football, archery fencing etc....and outside they have an inflatebale laser tag, and bouncy castles. The kids clubs were held in the Bonga Wonga but depending on ther weather when sunny they took the kids out to the playing fields...even on arts and craft days they just moved it all outside, then always finished up with a parachute game getting all the kids involved.

Another thing i noticed was NO queues as the venues lie open and are used throughout the day, so no need for extras like bline passes, and also FREE wifi in the Brigs O AyrClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	20293 I will definately be back