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    KAF2 Guest

    Default Minehead

    Heard that Minehead Splash opening hours have been reduced? Can anybody else confirm this?

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    minehead forever Guest


    and the surprise is?, seriously this is diabolical, and shows bournes true intent is too save as much and charge as much as possible, i've noticed bourne are heavily advertising this peak six week season, and it makes you wonder whether bookings are down, hope their greed is biting them on there back sides.

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    Jduggers Guest


    i noticed this in skegness also, we went to have a peak at the redevelopment of splash when we got there on a Friday, some stuff roped off, the indoor lazy river bit that whole pool bit (just main pool and wave pool open) and jacuzzi inside and out. went in the pool Monday and the same bits closed off, considering it was infact intake day it was really busy! so its not just minehead (considering skeg has had a big redevelopment you would think it to be open all the time). needless to say all the slides and the outdoor lazy river was open though (should think so aswell!)

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    Kath Guest


    I was very, very disappointed to see Minehead's Splash only open 9:30-5pm all last week (peak Summer Hols). Apart from the Fridays it was seriously packed all day long. It really helped when they made it open until 6pm and it is a shame they have stopped that as we used to leave our swim until a little later in the day to ease congestion but now of course we have to go in earlier.

    On one day it was very silly - the rapids AND the main pool were roped off (I think it was Monday?) so hundreds of people were all crammed into the beach area only! Very silly!

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    Kath Guest

    Thumbs up

    On a more positive note, however, I would like to say that the staff working the Master Blaster at Minehead last week (every day!) were very efficient! The queue to ride it moved very quickly for saying how many people wanted to go on it. The 3 slides at the top were not managed quite so quickly by one particular female member of staff (Who clearly could not be bothered!) but any other staff up there were all very good at getting us all through quickly, but safely. They were all very good with little ones too - helping them get on the slide or explaining things to them. It was lovely to see.

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    Kath Guest


    Also, whoever's idea it was to stick the "Commando Run" (Inflatable assault course) into the main pool at lunchtimes on intake days - THANK YOU!! Free, fabulous fun! My kids LOVED it!

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    ThirdBrad Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Kath View Post
    Also, whoever's idea it was to stick the "Commando Run" (Inflatable assault course) into the main pool at lunchtimes on intake days - THANK YOU!! Free, fabulous fun! My kids LOVED it!
    oooh... I'm going to Minehead first week of September, do you think they'll still put that up on the Monday?

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    BuhSnarf Guest


    Looks like work is starting. Walked through today and all the chalet doors were open and piles of mattresses and furniture outside. Took a lot of photos of chalets today as I walked round, will post them once I get home due to poor signalhere!

    Anyone want photos of anything?

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    Marke Guest


    I saw that last week Butlin's applied for a change to wording of the planning permission to allow demolition to start before meeting the conditions about construction access have been agreed with the council. But I would have thought that wording change would take a bit time to decided on.

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