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Thread: Best premium dining at Minehead?

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    ThirdBrad Guest

    Default Best premium dining at Minehead?

    Hi all, i am soon to be visiting Minehead Mon-Fri. (first week in September)
    As far as i have gathered from this forum, we can phone them up and ask to be put into a specific restaurant.
    i was just wondering what everyone thinks is the best one:
    -Quayside (my personal fav from pictures)
    -Yacht Club
    -The Deck

    Thanks all

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    ThirdBrad Guest



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    BuhSnarf Guest


    As that's not a busy week will they have them all open?

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    Ash Guest


    I personally prefer Yacht Club as it feels like a proper restaurant and the staff are excellent. Mind you, we go self catering now and use the money we used to spend on premium dining to eat at places all over Minehead and beyond. Much more variety and considerably cheaper overall.

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    ShaneC Guest


    Hi ThirdBrad

    The Yacht Club is the best. Seats more comfy, better layout, better food. We tried the Deck last week, was ok but plastic seats, layout was weird and we didn't like the food options as much.

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    sammye99 Guest


    Yacht Club is definitely the best

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    Lisa Joanne Guest


    I prefurr the Yacht club as well at Minehead

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