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Thread: Minehead monorail car and display gone

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    butlinsgoer Guest

    Default Minehead monorail car and display gone

    Last year at Minehead they had one car (from the playground) outside the Skyline now it's gone. Does anyone know why and are there plans to reintroduce it somewhere else on site. I presume it has been vandalised but it's a shame it's gone. Would love to see it returned somewhere where it cannot be vandalised

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    minehead forever Guest


    It was there at the end of june, did you happen to walk by the maintanance building to see whether it was there for re painting

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    butlinsgoer Guest


    Hi. We are still here, not walked past the maintenance place. Whereabouts is it?
    Strange it's been moved mid season though, must be away for restoration

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    lloyd Guest


    The car is still outside the skyline and there is another one in the maintenance compound being refurbished.

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    butlinsgoer Guest


    Definitely not outside the Skyline this week, good news they have sourced another car though.
    I wonder if they will lift both above the ground on a mock rail, that would be good

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    Ash Guest


    Looked an absolute mess when I went at half term, paint peeling and scratched, graffitti, one light missing and kids using it as a climbing frame. Looked as though Bourne had just dumped it unceremoniously without any thought or desire to really want something from the past.
    Could have been such a statement and celebration of what Butlins was but Im not at all surprised by Bourne's less than half hearted effort. A real shame.

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    BuhSnarf Guest


    Am currently in Minehead and it's still not back but I saw one, not two though, in the yard behind "technical services" whatever that is...?

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    surf_digby Guest


    The best place for the car is up on a rail, both for safety and for effect. Two posts with a short piece of rail in between, with the car mounted upon it would make an excellent and fitting "gate".

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    Pushbutton Guest


    Is it still at tech services then? It's been there a while!

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    leightonhatter Guest


    yeah was last week...

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