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    jpd1977uk Guest

    Default A few questions - Miinehead

    1) Is WiFi still free?

    2) Cost of a pint now in bars at Minehead

    3) Do they now accept contactless debit/credit card payments and is there a minimum charge, i.e 5 still?
    (I know they take Chip and Pin)


    (Just noticed I misspelled Minehead in the post title )

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    lloyd Guest


    WiFi is free for the first 15 minutes a day

    Pint of Carlsberg varied between 3.20 and 3.80 depending on the time of day and venue

    Pretty sure contactless payments are not available

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    Dazza 77 Guest


    If you go to the following venues you can still log on to unlimited WI-FI. Skyline, Bar Rosso, Inn on the green and Sun and Moon. WI-FI is ready to use in your accommodation and I am sure that it what they are advertising, pay the extra per device and you can use WI-FI in all around the camp for as long as you want.

    3.60 per pint of Carlsberg, Happy Hour 4-7 2.90 in Sun & Moon, Bar Rosso and Inn on the green

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