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    Pushbutton Guest

    Default "All included in the price"

    Lovely to see a marketing focus on "free" fun, once again!

    Of course, it's also fantastic that the true original branding of Butlin's (logo and slogan) are back in use too. Long may they remain. I just hope they don't change the slogan to something stupid next year. A slogan can stay in use for a long time if it's a good one (and there's no doubt this one is)!

    Maybe there's no monorails or chairlifts, but the funfairs are being slowly improved, more new attractions and shows are gradually being added (albeit some of them not initially free), and I do really think things at Butlin's are moving very much in the right direction at last, overall. My only major criticism is probably that there's still too much of a focus on activities for young children, and not enough for older kids or adults.


    It's still no Gold Coast I'm afraid though. Hi-de-Hi!!!
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    Themeparksandy1981 Guest


    I didn't first go to Butlins to 1994 and that was the only family holiday we had there so my mum found it too noisy and busy at starcoast world. I loved it and I it's taken me 19 years later to get my mum back to Butlins next month. Since 1994 I been Butlins 36 times and my little girls face 2 weeks ago seeing the panto,swimming and bob's yard really made the holiday.

    I think the park don't know how to entertain teenagers so they leave it upto the parents.

    I think the park have really got it right with adults with the big weekend adult breaks.
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