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    Butlinsbaby Guest

    Default Crazy Horse at Skegness

    Is this building on the way out? Having just returned from our annual hol and went across to bingo the smell inside was awful smelt really mouldy, due to the fact the roof is obviously knackered it was pouring water all the time there were buckets placed around the whole venue and just near the comfy seats there were no buckets at all just water pouring all over the carpet!! The dance floor looks to be starting to rot due to the roof leaking over a period if time. The stage had puddles of water all over it, the spar shop is now closed saying its relocated to the other side (not sure if this is mainly because of the end of season).

    But as I sat there just wondered as they seem to have done nothing to it and its not a hugely used building will it still be there next year?

    Loved this place as a kid when it was Ricks Place shame to see how it is now.

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    Adee Guest


    I have heard of an underground Tunnel leading from cazy horse to a bricked up office under Jaks. The tunnel would be flooded and It could be a source of the damp. Few people know much about the Tunnel or Tunnels underground. Perhaps someone could throw some light on the subject. What was the building before it was Jaks? How important was the office underneath Jaks?

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    Butlinsbaby Guest


    Never heard of this tunnel but would be interested to know more!!

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    BuhSnarf Guest


    Would it for transporting money from one side to other back in the day?

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