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Thread: Reds not open at all this week

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    lloyd Guest

    Default Reds not open at all this week

    Reds at Minehead is not open at all this week, whats that all about?

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    expressman33 Guest


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    dalton Guest


    hope when we go there both open and if not then i hope they dont put seasame street or pantomine on in the evening because my teenage lads do not wont to sit and watch stuff like that. also if all the accomadtion has gone its a sell out that week so surely they have to have two open.

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    lloyd Guest


    Download this weeks entertainment guide, there is nothing on in Reds and Sesame st and the panto are on in the evening!!

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    dalton Guest


    they said on facebook its because this week isnt so full thats why there doing that but its scheduled to be open on my break as its a sell out week. so guessing on quieter weeks not gonna open reds

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    wizedy Guest


    Yes Bognor have done the same. But as Skeggy has two smaller venues it is much harder to close one of the venues. Next week it will be back as normal as it is gala week then half term ramp up after that

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