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Thread: References to Billy Butlin, in various forms

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    Pushbutton Guest

    Default References to Billy Butlin, in various forms

    Over the years, Butlin's seems to have used the name "Billy" for various things, all of which can be assumed to refer obviously to Sir Billy Butlin. Can you add any more to the list below?

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    rocky mason Guest

    Default Reference to Sir Billy in various forms?

    Hi Pushbutton, I can see where you are coming from but I doubt that there is any real significance. If you google the name Puffing Billy you will find that the original was an early steam train from the 1800s. It just seems to be a common name for a steam train and there are quite a few Puffing Billy's here and there. I personally would doubt that there is any significance with Billy Bear either Andy. This is simply my own opinion on the matter and there could of course have been some connection that I am not aware of. Best wishes. Our Scarborough reunion is this coming weekend. Afraid it will be my last though as I will be 82 on the 14th. Well, it will be the last that I organize but I will still try to visit and give it my support. Take care and good luck!

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    BuhSnarf Guest


    The Sir Billy's bar at minehead?

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