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    tootnploot75 Guest

    Default things have to move on

    Hiya guys and dolls
    I've been following this site for the last year or so ...... I've been going to butlins since I was 4 yrs old and I'm 38 now lol and words can't describe how much I've taken from my hoLidays there these days I have my own family who have been introduced to butlins the same way I was when I was a kid. My reason for only now becoming a member and post is that as an outsider I am amazed at how anti-bourne some of you are yes butlins is not the same as it was years ago but name me a company that has traded or operated as long does . I'm not here to make enemies far from it in fact would love to make some friends I'm just as passionate about butlins as any of you

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    Pushbutton Guest


    Hi Tootnploot75. You're right things do have to move on. That of course does not mean every change is good, and it's never good to throw the baby out with the bathwater!

    I personally think Bourne are starting to get the balance about right now, after many years they finally now realise what Butlin's is all about. They're not getting everything right, but I know for a fact they do still read this forum and where there are good ideas which they can implement in a profitable way, they often do.

    Unfortunately it's still a business which must increase its income every year, and that continues to take its toll on the original idea of "all inclusive" holidays.

    They're also still making some big mistakes in my opinion, the latest being closing Reds quite often.

    I still say that, whilst they're far from perfect, they are not doing a bad job, overall running Butlin's at the moment. Not bad at all!

    If we can use this forum as a way of telling them what we like about what they're doing to Butlin's, as well as constructively criticising what we don't like, they will hopefully continue to get more good ideas from us and continue to implement them, one by one, to make Butlin's even better.

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