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Thread: A "serious" complaint about Butlin's Minehead traditional chalets

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    Default A "serious" complaint about Butlin's Minehead traditional chalets

    I have a "serious" complaint about the chalets at Butlin's Minehead. Very "serious" indeed (really). I'm referring to the older style, single storey standard half-board chalets which I've stayed in in recent years. Well actually I have several "serious" complaints about them (honestly).

    1. The beds are often quite uncomfortable, especially the pillows which tend to be lumpy and uneven, or just flat.
    2. Even when I finally get used to the uncomfortable beds, I sometimes find I get woken in the middle of the night by idiots walking past my chalet making a lot of noise with no regard for the fact people are trying to sleep!
    3. On some occasions there have been a few things in the chalet that weren't very clean (although I'll admit not often in my experience, but I know others have found their chalets absolutely filthy).
    4. On one occasion the toilet in my chalet was actually loose (not fixed to the floor at all).
    5. Whilst the decor of the bedrooms has been nicely upgraded in recent years, the curtains don't match the style of the new decor and do look a bit old and tatty, as do most of the quilt covers.
    6. The linoleum flooring in the bathrooms is cheap and nasty.

    Butlin's needs to sort out these issues as the chalets are really not meeting guests expectations. I would like to suggest two possible solutions to the above.

    FIRST SOLUTION: Spend hundreds of millions of pounds demolishing all the chalets and replacing them with hotels and lodges, and cross your fingers that it somehow fixes all the above issues. You could pay for this by charging guests more for various things, and cutting back on entertainments.

    Or alternatively SECOND SOLUTION:
    1. Buy new mattresses and pillows, and keep them well maintained and replaced as needed.
    2. Have resort safety do bicycle patrols of all the chalets throughout the night at random and frequent intervals to deter and deal with inconsiderate idiots.
    3. Hire actual cleaners to clean chalets between guests, instead of making staff from other departments do this when it's not what they were employed to do, and humiliate them by calling them "the dream team".
    4. Ensure the actual cleaners check the condition of fixtures and fittings whilst cleaning the chalets, and report any issues to maintenance so they can be fixed before a guest moves in.
    5. Buy new curtains and quilt covers.
    6. Replace the flooring in the bathrooms with new tiled flooring.


    Most importantly though, please don't take my complaint too seriously. I love the traditional chalets, and they are supposed to be just somewhere to sleep after long days filled with loads of fantastic FREE things to do, right?
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