Hi everyone.
Maybe this is a long shot but I am trying to make contact with someone who was connected to Primrose Valley many years ago.
His name is Dave and I am not sure but possibly his parents were involved with the ownership of the site many years ago and I think Dave himself may have been a DJ at the site also.
He had long blonde hair at the time which would have suited something like that lol.
He lived in a small cul de sac called Primrose Drive and he had a passion for american cars. My shared passion for the same, brought us into contact initially.
I do not know his surname. I do have his old home phone number but it is an old 0723 number which I would think is long dead and buried.
I knew Dave personally for many years during the 1980's but lost contact with him.
I am now working in the Middle East and I am posting this as a last chance of finding him.
Any help would be truly appreciated.
Many thanks