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Thread: Ebay: Craig Tara swan pedaloes

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    KAF2 Guest

    Default Ebay: Craig Tara swan pedaloes

    Presumably next plan is to fill in the lake and pop some more vans on?
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    minehead forever Guest


    Too true kaf, vans on the boating lake pitch would command a premium price with being on top of the beach.

    interesting that they are being sold for cash only and that bourne have set up a seller account just to sell these.

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    KAF2 Guest


    They could have been a concession, hence the private sale? Maybe they have been told to clear off, because the lake is "needed". Also, I seem to have a vague memory that Craig Tara isn't run along the same lines as the other haven sites, and is possibly a franchise of sorts itself?

    My guess is that the boating lake is history. More money to be made out of the land with vans on. Trouble is, it is a facility. Something to do while you are there. One less. Where does it end? At what point is there no reason whatsoever for going there anymore? Although this point was reached some time ago!
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    minehead forever Guest


    This is one reason i'm so negative against bourne, butlins once the biggest and the best has been brought down to fall in with the haven model, they see the tin box sites as a perfect business model, and as with butlins rather than building on the strengths of the facilties butlins had, they've found it easier to water down everything to run as a slightly bigger version of haven.
    Only difference is one has chalets and one has tin boxes.
    Bourne cleared out all the experienced management of rank and replaced with haven stooges who don't have a clue on running a camp on the scale that butlins was, multi venue entertainment is just seen as expensive and un-needed so thats why we see the haven model of two venues, with one closed on non peak breaks, purely because the knowledge isn't there to know what to do with it, and experience to come up with an alternative ents offering.

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    chris-b Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by KAF2 View Post

    Presumably next plan is to fill in the lake and pop some more vans on?
    Think you were spot on there, KAF2
    The boating lake has gone from the Craig Tara map & looks like caravans are now in place

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    chris-b Guest


    Click image for larger version. 

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    can confirm, the boating lake has def gone

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