I'm not "media" but I am looking for shared memories. In particular I am looking for Isle of Wight staff and visitors who remember the Medway Queen Club in the period 1966 to 1974. The MQ was not part of Warners but was close enough for it to be a favourite after work haunt for some staff from Woodside Bay. If they found it others must have as well.

I hope to publish a small book about the club next year to raise money for restoration of the old ship (www.medwayqueen.co.uk) and I really need first hand accounts and pictures of life and events on board. Do you remember any staff, incidents, acts etc. that were seen on board?

There are tales of famous acts appearing, of special exhibitions and so on as well as the usual stuff that you'd expect. The club had a very sedate daytime image with lunches and wedding receptions on board but apparently became more lively in the "evenings" - some of which extended almost to dawn I am told!

Any help or information would be very welcome.

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