Hi all

Having been responsible for Butlins Memories since 2007, and being proud that I've taught myself some basic web code, enabling me to expand the content on the site, I'm now struggling to find any time to look after the site.

I'm therefore now on the lookout for someone to take over responsibility for the website.

I appreciate that the whole website is a lot to take on, so am happy to split the workload between a number of people, with each person having responsibility for one or several sections of the site (such as for certain Butlins camp pages, Pontins or Warners pages, the forum, etc).

If you are interested in taking over responsibility for all or part of the site, please either send an email to contact@butlins-memories.com, or send me a private message on here, letting me know which parts of the site you would be interested in taking over, and why you feel that you'd be a good choice to take Butlins Memories forward.

If anyone has any queries, please let me know.