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Thread: Whats it like to work at butlins?

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    Default Whats it like to work at butlins?

    Its very rewarding but its not a life for everyone. Very exhasting at times totally drains you of energy. Young people bounce back quickly. Whats the hardest part of the year? For me christmas if you dont keep your presents from your family you feel like the only child santa forgot about lol. I work so i get through it without thinking about it too much. Its a great time of year for guests if you havnt tried it i recommend you do. Butlins is a leveller it diesnt matter what you do in life. Ive seen a tough wanna be gansta at the beginning of the week taking their children out on the fun bikes by the end of the will secum to the butlins mood its infectious. The longer you stay the more you dont want to leave. Your children may have enjoyed spain but they will be saying " can we go to butlins again" you will want to do it again it truly is time out from your world. As for working at butlins its what you make it.

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