Never thought I would reach this point, but seriously mulling over whether to go to Minehead this year. I've got the time booked off from w/c 30th April, and I never book within a week of going in order to maximise the deal, but I'm 50/50 on whether to go.

I've been going to Minehead since 1997 and have put in some sort of appearance there most years since. Always loved the place to pieces and couldn't wait to drive (or sometimes just walk) through those gates and be there. But last year it seemed to have degenerated a lot from 2016. Acts weren't as good, amenities weren't as good, but prices increased.

Even Butlins themselves seemed to care less. I had a break for a few years prior to 2016 but I went twice in 2016 and with going last year I'm now up to 3 times in 3 years so should be in the premier club. I have however moved during that time so it didn't link up. I phoned them and they found my prior bookings which I was assured would be linked together and I'd get an email within a week to confirm so I'd get my 10% off when booking this year. That was 4 weeks ago. Still not done.

And right now I'm looking at (pre-Premier club discount) a price which is once again higher than last year. For what I fear will be another visit to a camp which looks increasingly tired and seems to be focusing investment on centreparks style accomodation and pricing but yet which is still trying to operate their entertainment out of venues which haven't changed since the 1999 refit and which don't secure the quality or variety of acts they once did.

Right now, I don't know whether to book the week, or to rock up after 2PM on a half price day visit ticket to potter about for a couple of hours so I can say I've been there but ultimately spend my holiday doing something else.