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    Default Minehead 2018 Accomodation Summary

    Will go through the holiday experience when I get back, but just to summarise what's happened with accomodation this year (hopefully with pictures to follow).

    The demise of Surfer's Point / Red Camp has not happened - they are still very much there and very much in use. They've started installing new signposts around the camp (to replace the ones that still showed a map with Sunset Wharf on it - although quite a few of those are still around) and Surfer's Point is on them too.

    They didn't continue with the refurb of Oyster Bay started last year (which surprised me). Over half of them are still untouched since 1999 and now starting to look quite tatty. I believe this is all sold as being the same grade of accomodation too.

    The refurb of the 'straight' part of Holnicote appears to be as far as they are going with it, the 'angled' half is still unrefurbed and the two different types are sold as different types of unit.

    Blue Skies has been rebranded 'Bayside Apartments' and is now just promoted as another grade of accomodation rather than an arms-length operation (although I think that's been the case effectively since not long after they were buillt). Are these still privately owned time shares or did Butlins end up buying them back?

    Wisteria Lodges have now been replaced with Seaside Lodges. This was announced last year but I expected it just to be a refurb. However, the new lodges are actually new buildings (a bit odd since they don't really look any different to the old ones). And they've also squeezed 18 units onto a site which only used to have 11, so presumably you no longer get quite the same level of space and privacy which is largely what these were pushed for. That doesn't mean the end of the old buildings though because...

    ...the old ones (will, 6 of them anyway) have been moved to the grass at the end of Ocean Point and are being used for staff sheds (along with some odd looking temporary building that looks like a converted shipping container).

    With the flatlets, a few blocks of the newer ones (including the one burnt out a few years ago) are fenced off and a building company is on site working on them. By 'working on them', I would say 'preparing for demolition'. Today they are stripping all the windows out of the burnt out unit. A bit odd since those buildings look structurally sound. Possibly the remaining old lodges will be put up on the site.

    Whilst they appear to have condemned some of the newer flatlets, the remaining 1976 ones don't appear about to suffer any such fate. The balconies on them are now starting to look quite dangerous but most of the top floors do seem to remain in use. Bizarrely, I saw a maintenance working cleaning the windows on them today. So they can do that but they can't at least repaint them?

    As an aside, I've never noticed this before but the toilet block on what was the touring park is still standing. I wonder if they kept it to hedge their bets on reintroducing touring in the future?

    And since they didn't get a mention in this roundup, no changes to Pacific Wharf, Ocean Point, Atlantic Bay, Plantation Quay or West Lakes
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