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    Pushbutton Guest

    Default Imaginary Butlins Slogans / Jingles

    I thought it might be a bit of a laugh for us to think up some slogans, jingles, or advertising copy Butlins could use.

    They can be as serious or rediculous as you like, and can apply to either the modern butlins, or butlins in the good ol days.

    Here's some to get started with, and yes, I expect royalties if they get used by Bourne:

    - (For modern day Butlins)
    "Make Butlins Come To Life, Bring Some Paint Along"
    "Butlins will make you want to play happy families this summer, at home!"
    "The lighter way to enjoy... your holidays"
    "Butlins, where everyone's FREE to spend as much as they wish!"

    - (Hopefully NOT in the 2008 Butlins brochure)
    "Welcome to the new and improved Butlins.

    We know you want to relax on your holiday, so we've spent a lot of time simplifying our one remaining resort at Skegness.

    No longer will you have to worry about 'what will I do next', indeed there's hardly anything to do but relax and enjoy the sunshine we occassionally enjoy.

    And there's no need to worry about the kids either, they're safe at home with the babysitter you arranged! That's right, new in 2008, Butlins is now Child-Free!

    Responding to your feedback we have made lots of other exciting changes too, for example:
    *No annoying, underpaid, untalented redcoats
    *You no longer have to eat at Burger King. Now there's McDonalds and KFC too!
    *All of our accommodation is now located in the massive new caravan park right next to the skyline pavillion!
    *To give you more ways to relax, we've installed lots of extra gaming machines throughout the resort!
    *We've made our resort safer by removing the waterslides, funfair rides and other potentially risky elements
    *We've made getting around the resort more relaxing by reducing the size of the resort by more than 75%

    So if you're feeling old and tired, come and relax at Butlins Skegness Caravan Park soon!"

    - (For modern day Pontins)
    "We're not as good as Butlins used to be, but we're getting there!"

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    Tannoy Guest


    Some new offerings:-
    Give your car the holiday it deserves at a Butlins car park NOW.
    Butlins - whatever the weather there's still nowt to do!
    Nobody does tents better then Butlins.
    Butlins - ever so slightly better than a caravan park, maybe.

    And to evoke some of those great slogans of 1950's - 1990's:-
    Holiday's With Pay, Holiday's With..... a big tent.
    Butlin's, The Perfect Holiday For..... people who don't like to do much on holiday.
    A Week At Butlins Is Worth.... not bothering!
    A Fair Weeks Holiday For A Fair..... hours pay.
    From Coast To Coast, The Nation's..... gone somewhere else!
    A Week At Butlins, And You're..... wondering what the hell happened!
    If You Like A Bit Of This And Quite A Lot Of That..... go somewhere else!
    It's Another World Toot.... especially if you were expecting a holiday Ploot!
    Butlinland Is Freedomland..... for your car.
    Come To Life, Come To...... realise it's all been ruined!

    Sorry to be an old cynic at Christmas. Best wishes to everyone and good luck to what remains of the once great Empire. Hang on in there Butlins, and bring back Porky the Paper Eater!

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    Pushbutton Guest

    Default new slogans

    (For Haven at Ayr and Pwhelli)
    "I can't believe it's not Butlins, can you?"

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    Tannoy Guest


    What does everyone think about the new advert on telly with the slogan 'A million holidays. One Butlins'?

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    gabbo Guest


    Its probably a sublimianl way of telling us that there soon will be 'One Butlins'

    I wonder which two they would axe

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    dancingdog777 Guest


    With all the Skyline changes at Minehead, I thought it might be amusing to bring this thread back to the top!

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    TheWindsorOne Guest


    When asked nine out of ten campers said....... they preferred to stay at home!

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    Pushbutton Guest


    "Butlins - Kids Loved It!"

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    Cel Guest


    Our true intent is... wacking up your petrol bills with all these roads.
    Break away from the daily grind... we have a new daily grind!
    Happy Families... wanted, enquire within

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