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    Skegness chick Guest

    Default redcoats

    Has anyone got any interesting memories of any redcoats from any of the resorts.

    One of my memories of some redcoats was about three year ago at skegness. There was a Redcoat called Natalie and one called Lee, and during the song 'Time of my life' Natalie jumped out the DJ box onto Lee and my Dad was recorded the whole thing it was funny at the time but its not that funny anymore. But the best part was when Natalie ran up to the camara and shouted into it 'Don't show that to my boss I'll get the sack.'

    You really had to be there. :P

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    Lisa Joanne Guest


    i remember Lee unfortunatly he isnt there any more which is a shame as he was really good i think i can remember Natalie
    Greg who is there now looks lovely in his 80s outfits

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    Skegness chick Guest


    I know he's not there anymore I wish he was though he was great fun. I like tilley and graham now does anyone know if they are still there.

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    zoea Guest

    Default tilley

    tilley was there in dec and i think he said he should be back

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    Skegness chick Guest


    I really hope he is there when I go next. Because both me and my brother liked him he was so funny.
    Do you know whether Graham Is there?
    And what about Jonny?

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    Lisa Joanne Guest


    Tilley and jonney are still there but i didnt see Graham (sorry) i was last there at the february half term break
    Best wishes

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    Skegness chick Guest


    what a shame i really liked graham

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    Skegness chick Guest


    does anybody no if the 2 chris's are still there?

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    Lisa Joanne Guest


    chris is still there

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    Lisa Joanne Guest


    here is a photo of jonny and chris

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