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Thread: Redcoats at Bognor

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    Ikkle-vix Guest

    Default Redcoats at Bognor

    Hiya, I was just wondering if any1 has been to Butlins in Bognor in the last few years and if so which redcoats did ya see?
    Does any1 know redcoats Michael, Ben, Fern, Dave, Ricky, Kirsty, Andy or Oli?

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    Jintygirl Guest


    Remember Redcoats Fern and Kirsty from last year. My favourite was Redcoat James though.

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    Ikkle-vix Guest

    Default redcoats at Bognor Regis....

    I'm not sure I know James, Redcoat Fern has left for University at the moment same with Redcoat Ben but I hope they return for the summer! Ben is my favourite! although all the ones I mentioned are wicked!

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    Captain Peacock Guest


    a little soft spot for Ben there do i detect Vix????

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    Ikkle-vix Guest

    Default Redcoat Ben...

    lol we've got a detective on the boards! I just thought Ben was lovely coz he chatted to us all the time and I saw him every night at centre stage n just chatted 2 him alot.


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    Captain Peacock Guest


    mmmmm... you dont sound convincing... there's more too it I'm sure...he-he

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    Ikkle-vix Guest

    Default Redcoats...

    he he! yer you would make a brilliant detective!
    I really liked Ben bcoz he was really nice and where I live alot of people are horible and think they are all hard and the best (I spose you get that everywhere) so I just really loved chattin to someone nice for once lol
    He was lovely!
    does any1 else have a fave redcoat?

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    Captain Peacock Guest


    Not at Bognor as I only went twice both on work trips...

    But quite a few fave's in Minehead over the years I worked there...... girls of course!!!! he-he

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    Ikkle-vix Guest

    Default redcoats

    lol Butlins would just be sooo different without Red-coats dnt ya think? Redcoats make the holiday so much more great!

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    Captain Peacock Guest


    Absolutely... Redcoats are the face of Butlins for the guests. Not to knock any of the other jobs but the guests relate to the reds so if you've got a good bunch then it's so much better for the guests.

    I still remember some of the reds from my hols to Skeggy back in the early 80's. In those days the Reds were fo all ages not just youngsteres. Remeber one of them Leonard Jordan... must have been in his 30's or 40's then I'd guess but always good with the kids etc...

    Butlins without Reds is unthinkable... but don't forget all the other staff who also make the place fun be at.... without really being noticed

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