Heres a new topic, wot song sticks out in your mind and reminds you of Butlins the most?, there must of been a special tune that you fell over too when you were pissed or a lovey dovey end of the night tune wen you were feeling frisky and you wish you were going back to your chalet with your fave red rather than your date!!.... mine was the kissy kissy slushy tune at the end of the night witch i remember to be by starship, nothins gonna stop us now or berlins take my breathe away, i was only 14 at the time but boy it was powerful stuff i was at minehead and i fell in love with a spotty 13 year old called tina wow i wonder if she visits this site....thats a whole new topic!!!! Come on ,lets ave your favourite songs and tell us why as well, dont be shy, your mother wasnt!!!!