Glorious memories of going on holiday here two years in a row, 1986 and 1987, aged 5 and 6 respectively. Stands out in my mind as the happiest holidays ever for me, most vivid memories include the swimming pool with it's pineapple water slide, and the greencoats including one called Lanky Legs, who was almost a carbon copy of Michael Barrymore right down to the "Awight" catchphrase, and one called Tina who, along with her partner (Nigel?) did magic and illusion together.

I remember being disappointed the following year (87) that all the kids green coats had been turned into a set of Clowns, found this a bit creepy

Met my first "girlfriend" at the camp in 86, Lisa Spillman from Pangbourne in Reading... if you are out there, I still remember you Briefly spoke to her on the phone in 1992 and then never again...

I also won the Prince of the Week competition the first year, how cool was that? and sang "As Time Goes By" in the talent contest.

Does anyone have any photos or memories of Puckpool around this time? Please?