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    Rainbow Guest


    Hi my name is Melanie, I'm from Derby originally, Now live in the west of Ireland, was a redcoat at Skegness from 95- 98 loved every minute of it, Butlins is special to me as I met my boyfriend Peter there,
    I love this site as it's a place I can share my memories, and I love reading about other people's memories too, Its nice to have people to chat to that also have a passion for Butlins past, present and hopefully future. have a pet Yorkshire terrier called gizmo and I am 31.

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    gabbo Guest


    Hi my name is Dean. I am 41 years old and live in Sheffield though i am originaly from Redcar. I am a manager with Royal Mail and I am married to Vicki and we have two little girls Amber who is 10 and Summer who is 8.

    I was a lifeguard (and occasional red) in Minehead in 90 and 91 where i met Vicki. I was also a twice yearly camper as a kid at Filey until the late 70's early 80's.

    I still go to Butlins every year both with the kids and also to the adult breaks and love every minute.

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    alan7554 Guest

    Default butlins red

    hi there my name is alan and i was a redcoat at phwelli in the early 90,s, grat time and a great place to work then, i mainly worked in broadway but some times it was in stars,
    i worked there from 1993-1994 my ents manager was the dragon(joan smith ) so if any one remembers me,give us a buzz, i had short spikey hair and used to sing a lot,but icould,nt dance to save my life, i was always put at the back in the redcoat show, i worked with mike horne, les, ralphy, sarah fryer, sarah colins, sharon and michael and our chief red was leah hemsley, any info would be appreciated
    yours alan smith,
    p.s i got sacked on a trumped up charge of gross misconduct with another red who 6 weeks later got his job back, i appealed and won,but was told i was then being finished because my work was not up to the standards required at that centre, i was one of the few reds to speak my mind at the staff meetings, and i dont think that joan smith liked that, but i enjoyed all the good times also donna and carol neederman, so think hard were you there then if so give us an e-mail.

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    wearecity Guest


    I wish I was really in the reception now at Bognor Regis in the 70's or 80's but sadly I'm not.

    Anyway, Hi, I'm Steve, I'm 35 for another 12 days.

    My favourite Butlins is Bognor Regis. I have been to Butlins at Pwhelli, Clacton, Minehead and Bognor. I have been going to Bognor since the early 70's, when I was a little child. My last visit to traditional Butlins was in 1997 or 1998 (can't remember) but I went back last year, but still had a great time on an adult weekend, but it looks like the family holidays are nowhere near as good as they were in the 70's till early 90's.

    Personally, I'm single, I work for the Railway and live in London, I love footy (Manchester City and St Johnstone) as well as going out to the seaside several times a year. I also going out to the pub and don't mind clubbing.

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    Guy Morris Guest

    Thumbs up Happy Memories

    Hi, I'm Guy & from a family of Butlins Holiday makers since before I was even born in 1962. My family won many table tennis trophy's whenever holidaying at the many Butlins camps. My oldest brother Dean won a talent contest in about 1961 at Skeggy, singing "Somewhere over the rainbow".
    Although I never had my family's penchant, or skill in the table tennis department, I did win a fancy dress competition in Ayr, 1973 as Monty python's flying circus & 3rd place in Minehead a couple of years later as a weather forecast "Wet & Windy" dressed in just a nappy & sucking a dummy.
    I've also enjoyed a couple of hols at Skeggy in summer & Xmas 2002, where my daughter had a crush on Redcoat Lee Thomason. All the Reds, as usual, were Fantastic.
    Now that I've got my life back in order since my rather accrimonious divorce (aren't they all ?) I'm very much looking forward to taking my daughter & her friend to Skeggy again this August & may even have fun making a fool of myself, having a crack at the "X Factor" whilst there.
    Ciao 4 now...... Guy.

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    Paul Graham Guest


    Hello all or should I say Hi De Hi,
    My name as you can see is Paul. I have recently seperated from my wife. I have three grown up children, Linda, Mark and steven. Linda and Mark live in Leeds, steven lives in Essex with his girlfreind Steph. I now live in Rotherham. We used to holiday at Filey and Skegness from the early 60s to the 70s. Which I think was the best era. During that time most of you will remember the name change from Butlins camps to Butlinlands. Also it was the time when the Rank organisation took over and the demise began. The last we visited a Butlins camp was in the 90s to Skegness but I didnt like it and havent been there since. Still say the best camp was Filey.

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    Smileysal Guest


    Hi I'm Sally-Ann, but everyone calls me Sal. I'm 39, with 2 great girls. 1 14 and the youngest 2. Went to Butlins from being a baby till bout 89. Been to them all apart from Minehead and Moseney.

    Worked as a dancer/teamstar at Gunton Hall HV in Lowestoft when warners was called Warners Holidays, then in 1991, name changed to Haven-Warner ltd, i worked at Devon Coast HV in Paignton (now sadly gone grrrr!!!). Met my oldests dad when at Devon Coast, he was in the band. split in 97, then single, met my now ex (yep another one, crazy fool!) in 2002, had baby in 2004, then split up with him last year, 2005. So now single again. Think ive decided to stay single its safer. hehehe.

    Last worked at Co-op on deli for 4 years till had baby, then didn't go back after maternity leave. Did GCSE Law from '04 till last year, got a b (and beat ex woohoo, happy with that. took a year out, and going back in September to carry on and do A-Level Law, then hopefully get a job either in a solicitors office or join the police, not decided which yet. guess it depends on the results next year.

    Oh yeah, nearly forgot, im a qualified dance teacher in Ballroom, Latin American, Old Tyme Sequence and Disco Freestyle, hopefully will go back to teaching in the future. fingers crossed. Well thats me.

    Sorry for going on and on, bad habit of mine, talk too much. hehehe.

    Sal XX

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    Doncaster_Dave_Skegness85 Guest


    hi...I'm Dave, 40 yrs old (sob!), born in Goole , lived in Doncaster all my life though.
    Graduated in 1988 with a 2i Hons ...worked mainly in financial services; since 1998 I've been a mortgage manager for Chelsea B. Society, work mainly from home (nice!).
    Partner (15yrs) is Janet, kids Amy (13) & Sam (7)

    aka 'Rossobantam' on Rainbow's Quiz page , 'cos I grew up in a mining village called Rossington (Rosso!), and I'm a season ticket holder at Bradford City (nickname 'The Bantams').

    Holidayed with parents/family friends at Pwhelli & Skeggy 1971-6, then worked in the kitchens/bars at Skeggy in 1985. Best hols ever. Best (fun) job ever.


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    janbarrmason Guest

    Smile Jan Mason

    Hello, I am Janice Mason and I live in Knutsford in Cheshire. Geoff and I have been married 33 years (so old) and we met as Redcoats working at Filey in 1973. I had done 2 seasons there and a Christmas at Minehead in 1972.
    We became good friends mid season, (July) and got engaged in the August and married in September. We left Butlins together and have not been apart since. I was Chief Hostess then in 1973, and it was a job I really loved.
    When we left Butlins we moved to Manchester after marrying, we both come from Yorkshire. Geoff started a Chemistry Degree at Uni and I took a driving job, it was hard after being at Butlins but we were ok just being newly married.
    We had our first daughter Jill in 1975 and Geoff finished his Degree doing very well and got a job with IBM in Portsmouth. We moved there and loved it, we had two more children, Nikki and Davd. Geoff stayed with IBM for 27 years , in that time we had moved up to Knutsford as he was working in Manchester.
    So, here we are with our family almost grown up, Jill is a Primary teacher and Nikki teaches at a College in Business Studies, David is at Salford Uni doing Sports Science and does some chefing in his spare time. ( he can cook) .
    Our biggest joy is our little Grand children, born 7 weeks apart, Molly, and Thomas both nearly 2 now. They are gorgeous, I have Molly alot as Jill works part time, but Thomas is in Leeds so we see less of him, but I make sure we see him once a week though
    So thats me really, I have worked over the last 15 years at Tatton Park in Education, (flower show) but do very little there now. My one thing I do do is at Xmas work on dressing the house for a Victorian Chrithmas. We make garlands and rings from greenery to dress the Mantle pieces and tops and it takes about 6 weeks. I enjoy it very much.
    I hope I have not bored you but I must stop there, here we are in Knutsford , Geoff working for Barclays Bank, I feel very lucky to be able to say that as Geoff has had a few health scares, serious ones too. But I bet he is the only one there with Butlins Redcoat on his long CV.

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    caz75 Guest


    Hi, I'm new to this!

    I'm Caroline aged 31 from Dundee. I enjoyed many Butlins holidays, Ayr 1980, 1984, 1986 and 1987, Bognor (Southcoast World) 1989, 1990 and 1991 and Butlins Hotel Blackpool 1997 and 1999.

    There was always so much to do and so many new people to meet! I loved the roller skating rink and the swimming pools at Ayr best I think. I was really sorry to read that the Stuart Ballroom had been demolished!

    At Bognor I liked seeing comedians at The Vaudeville and The Manhattan - I saw Mike Reid, Tom O'Connor and several others!

    IMO the "old" Butlins was better than the Holiday Worlds - I just wish I could have another holiday like that now!

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