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    tedcanthearyou Guest


    hello All I'm Rob lived in lincolnshire all my life, never been to Butlins until last year, my parents loved the sun so we always ended up going to spain and the like, I'm 32 married to Joanne with one child called Rebecca, been to Butlins once this year already, going again in September then again in December and going to try 1 of the other sites next year as i've only been to the Skeg site.

    Hope to have a Forum meet up sometime i also post

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    Captain Peacock Guest


    Hello all,

    I'm Graham (but with my surname been known as Captain for a long time!). Originally from Croydon but now live in Farnborough, Hampshire.

    I'm 41, seperated, have two little boys and I'm an accountant.... look it's not my fault it just happened ok!!

    Used to holiday in Skeggy in the late 70's and early 80's with a school friend and his parents. Then worked in Minehead 1991-97 did many jobs.. mainly Customer Services but also covered Cleaning, Stores, Payroll/Personnel, Accounts, Accommodation, on what was then the Rank Management Training Scheme. (I did wear the famous Reds on promotion tours to Travel Agents occasionally and also the meet-and-greet at Taunton train Station but was never a Red on Centre). Left when they stopped the scheme just before they sold to Bourne.

    Miss it everyday. Great life, great friends and great memories.

    My old school friend who I went on holiday with got me the job there.. he was a Red in Minehead in 86 and 90-92, then went to Barry Island and then on tour with 'That'll be the day' and as a comedian. Although he doesnt post on here we do often sit and reminisce about things that went on. Redcoat Russ Chalton if anyone remembers him.... also 41 from Croydon, unmarried, no kids.

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    EmptySouls Guest


    I'm Nick

    I have great childhood memories of Butlins in the 70's. I was at various:
    Minehead 71
    Clacton 72
    Skegness & Clacton 73
    Minehead 74
    Clacton 76
    Brighton Hotel 77
    Bognor 78
    Clacton 79

    I think it is a shame that those days are gone but things change. I remember the 2 knights on hoeseback at the Gaiety theatre at one camp and those red plastic tubes that had your photo in. And the louges where you could see the legs of people swimming.


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    Mickey Guest


    Im Mike, 13 years of age, Live in suffolk with my mum. Have been to butlins holidays 6 times now, 3 times skegness, 2 times Minehead and once to bognor regis. Whenever i talk about Butlins especially Minehead all my memories come back, some of them make me cry.
    That's pretty much it from me lol

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    amybeean Guest


    okay ive been posting for like a month now so .... MY TURN!
    the names amy if ya didn't gather already, i grew up in the uk....never holidaying at butlins that i can think of but we went quite a lot for day visits. anyway moved to australia with my boyfriend when i was 17 [yep, young, immature and blah blah blah] but came back to the uk for 7 months [dec 2005 - june 2006] and while there worked at none other than butlins, minehead.
    worked in the food and beverage department in the lovely overpriced skyline cafe. if anyone was lucky enough to be served by me you would have been undercharged.....but lets keep that to ourselves!! please....
    anyway, back in oz again now livin' it large [job and house hunting, whoop dee doooo..........] keep in touch, im friendly! honest....

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    Kath Guest


    Hello! I guess it's time I did mine!

    I'm Kath and I've just turned 30! I have a husband and two small children (aged 3 and 1). I work in a health shop so if you want to chat about herbal rememdies for stuff, I guess I'm your person!

    I've lived around Nottingham all my life. I love to travel but I love to come home too!

    As a child we usually went to Skegness every year, until 1988 when we stopped

    In Feb 2004 I started taking my baby daughter and my husband to Butlins and actually found out I was pregnant with my son on the journey home from Skegness Butlins that month! We've since gone twice a year (Once in the summer and once in Autumn) and we all love it! My husband had never been to Butlins before but now he's almost as hooked as me!

    To date, I have never been to any camp except Skeggy but that will all change this September when I visit Minehead for the first time on the 29th!

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    jayne Guest

    Smile Happy Memories At Derby Miners Holiday Camp

    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    Now that you’re on the site why not tell us a little about yourself to give people a snapshot of who you are, where you're from, hobbies & interests - nothing too personal!
    My name is Jayne.I'm married to Tony and we have 2 children-Ryan and Olivia age 9 and 7.
    We are from West Yorkshire. Alot of our holidays in Britian are based at the
    Haven Holiday Centres, as I grew up with many happy memories on camp sites.We have recently purchased a tent and all the equipment to go with it,so we have started to research some good sites to visit.
    I have alot of happy memories from the Butlins and Derbyshire Miners Holiday Camps at Skegness. My family used to go every year in August along with all my mum's family(about 30 of us). we used to stay in the chalets and virtually take over the camp there was so many of us. My brother always celebrated his birthday on holiday.We used to carry tables outside in a long line and have a party/barbeque every year!!!.
    The lads joined the football team games. Mum's and Dad's did the tug of war. My cousins and I used to go in the Disco at night downstairs while our mum's and dad's were upstairs in the club. When we very young mum's and dad's used to get us to sleep and go to the club where there was a babysitting service. If any baby or child was heard crying in the chalets,the number of the chalet used to flash up by the side of the stage!!
    We all used to go in the Ballroom and enter the Prince and Princess competitions. My female cousins and I used to enter the beauty the side of the outdoor pool!!
    We even had a go at ballroom dancing. Is there anyone out there who used to go in the 70's and 80's. I was 17 on my last visit in 1985!!. we stayed in the brand new log cabins.

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    Angelbabe Guest


    Hi my name is anne i am 34 years old live in lowestoft. Married to alex, have two sons Johnathan who is 13 nearly 14 (butlinsroc) and samuel who is 9.

    Went to clacton for many years with my parents and had many happy childhood memories of butlins so when johnathan was 6 months he was introduced to butlins at skegness and has been addicted to it ever since we go to skeggy 3 times a year.

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    butlinsroc Guest


    hi my name is johnathan im 14 years old i live in lowestoft. i play the drums and go to butlins skegness regularly (3 - 4 times a year).
    I have a brother called sam, mum (angelbabe) and dad (works offshore).
    i like a variety of music mostly rock - heavy metal , punk etc.

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    muffin_girl Guest


    My name is Jenny, Im 15, I go to Minehead evry year and have been since i was still in my mums tummy i love it sooooooo much and will be going again 1st september with my friend ivy who has never been so im gonna give her a personal tour (ie. this is the site where the old outdoor pool was which was so much better than the new one and if you look down that corridor you can see the entrance to sunsplash pool which again was better than the current pool (just ) but aside from all that i still love it every year)

    the place that holds the most memories for me is the old sunsplash pool i remember so many things (including how cold the flume tower was) and i wish i could just visit there again...
    i like loads of different kinds of music mainly rock (especially Green Day i am obsessed with Green Day so yeah) but i did enjoy a steps tribute show at minhead a little while ago so yeah i like damn near everything music wise
    i play drums, guitar, recorder and piano/keyboard
    recently i have been mostly listening to The Network

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