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    Default Reception

    Now that you're on the site why not tell us a little about yourself to give people a snapshot of who you are, where you're from, hobbies & interests - nothing too personal!
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    barryislandfan Guest


    We did this on all about us, but think its a good idea here as we can all see it when we come on the site.

    Im Dan, 29 from Gloucester. I live with my fiancee Rachel whos 22 and originally from Stockport. I work as an Admin Officer for a company that mantains databases for government departments. I work 2 days a week in an office and 3 days at home, which is harder than going to the office as im always on here and not working!!

    In my spare time I like films and music. I have hundreds of DVD's, watch Sky Movies and like going to the cinema. I also read alot and play The Sims. Me and Rachel usually go out on Saturday nights for a drink and Rachel loves the karaoke, we both enjoy eating out when we can. Im mad on Butlins (shock horror) and love Barry Island, I collect Barry Island merchandise off ebay when ever it crops up!

    I have 2 cats and 2 part time dogs!!

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    rach1971 Guest


    hiya, i'm rachel, i'm 35, married for nearly 17 years with a 7 yr old son, i live in accrington but am originaly from ashton-u-lyne.

    i love writing, reading books, watching wrestling, music, anything to do with the paranormal and of course----- BUTLINS. (even though i've only been the twice, it was a place that i always dreamt of visiting as a child).

    i have a cat called gizmo and a bearded dragon, called stone.

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    Sherwood Bear Guest


    Hi, My name is Malcolm or Malc or Max. I am 44 years old, divorced with a son of 10 who lives with his mum but who I see as much as I can. That is him to the left in his Omega 92 goalkeeping kit I live at present in Kent.
    I have never been to butlins before, well I may have done but would have been to young to remember. I wish I had been after seeing all the wonderful pictures of Butlins past and reading the wonderful memories of those that have been many times before.
    My son and myself are going to Butlins Skegness for the first time on Monday 7th August 2006 till Friday 11th August 2006 and we are both looking forward to it very much. I hope if anyone else is going at the same time perhaps they could message me.

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    Jules67 Guest


    Nice idea!
    I'm Juliet. I'm 39 and live in North Wales with my Hubby Paul and our two children! I work in a primary school, I'm a behavioural support worker and I love it!

    Holidayed at Butlins in my teens mostly and thought it was Heven. I found this place by chance about 3 years ago and its been lovely to find so many other peeps who love Butlins too!

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    muriel Guest


    Think I also put this in all about us, but just a brief bit about me, 32 had many happy holiday's as a child at Clacton, Bognor Regis and just the one at Skegness. Worked at Pwhelli, Minehead and Bognor Regis in the early nineties in the summer's from uni, chalet maid, waitress, bar person, with some babysitting thrown in. Also worked at Pontins for two years after uni , couldn't decide what I really wanted to do and was loving the life too much!! ha.ha.
    Butlins holds so many happy memories for me and I also made a lot of good friends there on holiday and working. Still go on a five day break to Bognor every year if I can manage it.

    Clacton was always my favourite though, such a shame they closed it!!

    Haven't been a member of this site long, but am totally addicted, it is great to share memories and talk about Butlins with others that love it as much as I do!!

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    david lythgoe Guest

    Default Hi everyone

    I am 50years old, been married to Jayne for 16 years and have a daughter Lucy who is 14.
    I work in Golf and spent four years at Primrose Valley running the P'n'P.
    My Mum & Dad (both are no longer with us) met at Butlins Pwllheli and my Uncle Steve Beatie was one of the Dining Room Managers at Filey for many years. I used to visit Filey regularlly as a child and have had many long coversations about the site since its closure.
    May be I should not say this here but I know the "Top Brass" at Bourne Leisure too.

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    Ash Guest

    Default Reception

    Hi Im Nigel (thats why everyone calls me ASH)
    Married 11 years to Lynne, have a 16 month son Joe. Work as a debt advisor for Citizens Advice.
    Been to Minehead, Skeggy, Pwhelli and my old favourite Barry Island about 15 times when i was a kiddie.
    Going to Bognor (Shoreline Hotel) for 1st time in September and really looking forward to it, I think Joe will be old enough to appreciate Butlins. Current favourite is Minehead.
    Mainly collect Butlins postcards 1960s-80s, key fobs, letters and brochures.
    Reignited my interest in Butlins when I followed the demise of poor old Barry Island, and then got into the Filey demolition. Found this website and the rest as they say is history.

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    discokev Guest


    Hi all,

    Thought I'd better add a bit about me...

    I'm Kev, 26 from Norfolk and I'm an accountant.

    As a kid I went to Clacton once before it closed then Skegness for 6 years running before going round the other camps (Minehead, Pwhelli, Ayr & Bognor) in the early nineties. I returned to Skeggy last year for an adult weekend which inspired me to find this site.

    I love music and clubbing (what did you expect with a name like Discokev! ). My clubbing ability has been effected slightly lately since I had my leg amputated last year but I will hopefully be up to full dancing power before too long.


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    butlins steve Guest


    hi all

    My name is steve and i have been going to butlins since 1989 when i was 17 with my then girlfreind (now wife) our 2 year old son also loves butlins but he calls it Bobs. Ive worked for Tesco for 17 years and think this site is great as it brings back a lot of great memories. As soon as i learn how i will try and post some of our 17 years worth of photos.

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