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    discokev Guest

    Default Instructions

    Hi all,

    The purpose of this thread is to provide basic instructions on how to use various features within the forum.

    If there is anything about the forum which you'd like to see instructions added for or if you have any queries then please send a pm to any moderator.

    We will be adding more instructions as we get chance.

    Hope you find this thread useful.


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    discokev Guest

    Default How to add photos to posts?

    Type your message as normal, scroll down the page and select the manage attachments option as shown.

    A box like this will appear...

    Select the browse option and find the file on your computer then click the upload button.

    The files which have been succesfully uploaded will appear under current attachments.

    Browse again to upload any other photos which you wish to post then select the close window option from the bottom of the window.

    You are then ready to click the submit button and you should have just made a post complete with photos.

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    discokev Guest

    Default Adding your birthday so it will show on your profile and the calendar

    Select the user CP option from the top left of the screen.

    Select the edit profile option from the left hand side of the screen.

    Select your date of birth using the drop down arrows. If you want others to know your birthday but not your age then simply do not enter the year.

    Use the drop down box to select whether you'd like your date of birth to be hidden or shown.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select save changes.

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    discokev Guest

    Default How to send a private message

    Since my initial post said to send a pm I thought I'd better make sure that everybody knows how to do it! There are several ways to do this, a couple of them are listed below.

    If you have someone's post open and wish to send them a pm you can click on their name. A drop down box will appear and you can select the option to send a private message.

    Another option is to select the member list icon at the top of the page.

    Browse the list to find the member who you wish to send a pm to and click on their name, their profile will then appear.

    From the profile, there is a button which you can click to send a private message.

    Either option will open a new message. You then just need to type whatever you wish to say and scroll down the page to select submit message.

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    discokev Guest

    Default How to start a new thread on the forums

    First, select the forum you wish to post to from the main screen. Please ensure that you have picked the most relevant forum.

    Click on the "new thread" icon at the top of the forum

    Add an appropriate title for your thread and type your message in the space provided.

    Whilst typing, please pay particular attention to spelling and ensure your message contains no text talk. If you are unsure about spelling then we encourage you to use a spell checker.

    Once done select the "submit new thread" option. You also have the option to preview your thread first should you wish to.

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