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Thread: Back from Blueskies weekend 22nd-25th jan 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbsy45 View Post
    Sorry about the last picture on there it doesnt seem to have uploaded properly i will have a look at it tomorrow that is not all the pics but i considered them to be the most important ones
    It looks to me like all the photos have uploaded properly. Thanks and I'd love to see any others you've got too.

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    I've also got another question now.

    If the extended Sun & Moon patio is going to be to the right of the Sun & Moon (in front of old town) then what is going where Crackerjacks was? Anyone know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pushbutton View Post
    Wow! VERY VERY interesting photos, (even though they're a little bit shocking too!). Thanks!

    I'm struggling a bit to fully comprehend exactly where some of them were taken, but I'll get there.

    The Supermarket looks very bland and generic to me as Spar, even compared to the relatively bright Londis sign that was briefly up. However I realise the bland look might be partly because it's closed and the boardwalk is probably not fully lit, so I'll reserve judgement until I see it open. I don't mind the Spar brand so I should be ok with it, but really I liked it as Everydays because that's something unique to Butlins, whereas you can go to a Spar anywhere outside of Butlins. I think I might be using the other Everydays more often from now on, even if it does mean walking all the way to the other side of the camp. It's good exercise and at least I get to see my old beloved Butlins Bs!

    I don't recognise that kids play area with the two green slides next to Splash, so that must be new I think. If so is it replacing one of the other similar kids play forts, or is this now a third one in addition to the other two? How many of these do we need?

    There's a lot of new paths going in all around that part of the camp between Splash and Reception by the look of it.

    I notice the old shopping arcade ('old town') entrance has been blocked off by some sort of wall that looks like it will be a backdrop to the new Sun & Moon patio area in front of it. That's another bit of history even more covered up if that's going to remain.

    They're certainly making a hell of a mess of our lovely camp at the moment! On the positive side I'm looking forward to seeing how it all looks when finished.

    Thanks again for the photos and if you've got any more I for one would certainly be interested in seeing them.
    Yep it must be a new kids play area.

    Judging by where it is situated i think thats were the caravan show room was on that piece of land.

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    I think regarding the sun and moon patio the idea is to extend it on both sides of the sun and moon i only took photos of that side because that was the only one that was visable and accesible and i think it could be because of the demolition of crackerjacks this was probably there main focus therefore have not had time to build the one on the other side. The play area mentioned is the sun and moon play area which has been there for i think a good couple years now and the wooden poles are the new surrounding fence for the jumping pillow which has had the old metal fence removed which is good because the sign kept blowing off of it in high winds. They are also trying to improve the landscaping around the multi sports court area by building a landscaped path which will run right the way through the middle where the old grass area was in front of these. Im not sure if you noticed in the pics that the steps and the slope which lead up to the entrance to splash have all been removed.

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    Wow! I didn't even notice the steps to the entrance of Splash had gone but now you mention it yes. That will be a big improvement for disabled access.

    So I guess there must be 3 kids playgrounds now. One in front of Splash, one near the Adventure golf, and one outside the Sun & Moon.

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    Ah come I cannot see the pictures?
    Is it because the thread is too old?

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    I've found that with a lot of the threads recently. Even ones that I wouldn't consider that old. Does anyone know why that might be? I enjoy looking back over old threads just in case I missed anything interesting ��

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    Yeh, I'd have loved to have been able to relook at these photos, have they been lost forever?

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