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    Hey Guys,

    I was at Pontins Prestatyn a couple of weeks back and I spotted something strange towards the seafront end of the park - it appeared that two full apartment blocks were no longer part of the park - the boundary fence clearly separated them from the park itself, and one block seemed to have been refurbished into holiday flats, while the other looked in a bad way and untouched for years with furniture piled high inside.

    Does anybody know what these two blocks are? Were they sold off privately at some point? There doesn't seem to be any coverage of this anywhere online.

    Any info would be appreciated!


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    KAF2 Guest


    There was a documentary on TV about Pontins a while back and I noticed on a clip of Prestatyn from the mid-80s that these front two blocks were fenced off and decorated differently back then. They are also fenced off and separate back in the very early 70s, if you look at the film 'Holiday on the Buses'. I'm not sure why.

    You should have asked while you were there - there is a old bloke who works in reception with a name something like 'Dario' who still works at Prestatyn (or he was there last year) who has worked at Pontins Prestatyn, starting with the other Pontins camp there that has since been demolished, since the 60s.


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    KAF2 Guest


    After reading the Fred Pontin life story, I now have a theory about these two blocks:

    The Beaches Hotel just in front of Prestatyn, used to be The Grand Hotel. It was owned by Pontins at one point. Pontins guests could use the camp facilities - hence the now-disused little gate through the fence, next to them.

    I am guessing that these two blocks were designated as overflow accommodation for The Grand Hotel. When Pontins sold off The Grand, these two blocks presumably went with it and so they are no longer Pontins. I'm guessing that they are owned by The Beaches Hotel. I know The Beaches uses the car park directly in front of them.

    The Fred Pontin book really helped with this one, and was a fairly interesting read, mostly.


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    vertex Guest


    Thanks KAF, excellent bit of detective work there It makes sense that they'd be something to do with the hotel then, they didn't look in a very good state the last time I visited but I guess they'll sit there forever if only because if they flattened them, they'd have to put a new boundary fence in


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    Playitagainsam Guest


    Hey, is Dario an "old bloke" now? First off the "other camp" Tower Beach was up and running until well past 1979. It was an old Thomas Cook Camp. One of the very first agents I ever worked for was Bandleader there in the Thomas Cook days by the name of Jack Stone. These two blocks - yeah, not been to Prestatyn for a few years but noticed them when cycling past about 5 years ago. They were enclosed in the camp in the late 70s, and with the greatest of respect to the Grand Hotel overspill theory, the clientele in The Grand in the late 70s certainly would not have agreed to be "overspilled" into chalets They were a well to do clientele who used the Hotel to be away from kids, noise etc. Sir Fred would often stay there too and dine and mix with the guests in the Hotel.

    Back in another 4 years. God willing T.

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