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Thread: Andy King, Skegred, has passed away.

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    barryislandfan Guest

    Default Andy King, Skegred, has passed away.

    I have just heard that our dear friend Andy King has passed away. I am sure his many friends have already seen this on Facebook but thought I would share the sad news here. A fantastic man and a great contributor to this forum - a man with so many stories, he will be missed.

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    Scritti Guest


    Very sad news. Never met but he was a great contributor to this site and and I loved reading his posts. R.I.P.

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    ho11y Guest


    So very, very sad. Love to all his family and friends. Andy, may you Rest In Peace, you will be greatly missed xx

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    wizedy Guest


    He will be sadly missed
    Met him on several occasions at Skegness and last time was March.

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    deelieta Guest


    RIP dearest Skegred
    Am going to miss him so much
    So glad all of his memories and photos are on here for prosperity.
    He was one of a kind - a proper Redcoat, a wonderful sense of humour
    Very glad that Joker and I got to see him last month. He was still every bit with it - telling us how he came to get the job at Butlins all those years ago. He was so pleased to see us
    I am glad he hasnt had too much time suffering
    God bless you Skegred
    And in his own words, he has gone to the big Butlins in the sky - Skeggy branch

    Good night campers

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    Pushbutton Guest


    I'm pleased to have met him several times. Uncle Andy was a true redcoat, right to the end, and lived life to the fullest.

    I'm glad too that he lived to see the 75th anniversary of Butlin's, and even got to wear the famous red jacket one more time on stage at Butlin's during that special time. It must have meant a lot to him .

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    Frank The Red Guest


    If there was a man who epitomised the true spirit of the old style Butlins it was Andy King. It was a privilege to know him. Lots of love and condolences to his family. RIP Mate.

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    sammye99 Guest


    I will cherish forever my special memories of Uncle Andy King of Redcoats. Especially remember that first night of the 75th break at Skeggy where me, Dee & Andy did Goodnight Campers all on our own, our trio gained more dancers as the week progressed & we eventually moved from the dance floor onto the stage it was such good fun. He was an amazing man with so many fascinating stories. God bless him & I know one day our trio will sing again. Goodnight Campers Xx

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    discokev Guest


    I was very sorry to see this news last night, and am glad to have met Andy on a number of occasions, and to have happy memories of seeing him at various get togethers.

    Andy contacted me almost a year ago, on 9 December 2012, by which point he had already accepted what was happening to him, he was already thinking about his obituary on BM, and the fact that he would like one of his daughters to write it. I appreciate that she will have a lot to think about at the moment, so will wait to hear from her, whenever she's ready, before adding his details to the obituaries page. For that reason it may take a little while for Andy's name to appear on the obituary page, but I do fully intend to add his details once his daughter's ready to think about it.

    When I heard from Andy last year, he was talking about hoping to see the early part of this year, so I am really glad that he's been able to do better than he'd expected and see the majority of this year, living for almost a full year after he sent that email. Andy seemed to have a great attitude towards his cancer - accepting what was happening and keen to make the most of his time left, which was good to see and I like the fact that he was able to enjoy longer than expected.

    I felt really proud to be able to share Andy's photos and memories on BM before his death, and I know that seeing his memories on the website has meant a lot to him. If you would like to view them, please click here.

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    Junior-miss71 Guest


    Was very sad to hear of Andys Passing, i am so greatful that my family and myself got to meet him on the 75th break at Skegness, and for the time he took to talk to my daughter before she started on her redcoat venture...Rest in Peace Andy King, heaven has gained a man with a big heart, and lots of love....Thinking of his family at this sad time

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