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Thread: Principal Guest name change - Must we?

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    keno051 Guest


    I'm not sure how I'd feel about having to wear a wristband at all times.

    I can just about bear it for a day when visiting a theme park.

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    cwathen Guest


    Another bump on this thread. Just got back from my first 'wristband experience'. They weren't as bad as I thought, they are at least cotton so are more durable and comfortable than what you'd get at a theme park. And I found that with mine set to the largest diameter it was just loose enough that I could slip it over my hand so I could take it off at night/when having a shower etc. How it would stand up for a week if I couldn't do that I don't know.

    Despite being told most solemnly at check in how important it was to keep it on and that I'd be asked to show it when using any facility, they are actually only ever checked at the main gate and at entry into Centre Stage (and presumably Reds if it was open). 'Checks' were also very cursory indeed. Although they are printed with Butlins and the year, when asked for my wristband I only needed to wave it vaguely in their general direction with most of it covered by my coat and I got a thumbs up and was straight through. I could have been wearing any random piece of pink ribbon and it would have worked equally well (I assume they do at least change the colours every week though - but then I also thought that when I first got a blue keycard and they don't change).

    This measure, along with closing the cinema to local residents and no longer allowing the bus from Taunton onto the camp just smacks of a knee-jerk reaction from a management who wanted 'improved security' following last year's terrorist attacks which wasn't really needed and I imagine won't last very long.

    Despite the wrist bands, gate security is still very lax. This is now the 4th Butlins holiday in a row when I just drove up, was asked what accomodation I'd booked and was waived through without providing any evidence at all that I'd actually booked and there's still no record of what vehicles are supposed to be there. I imagine that as long as you go on a Monday and turn up mid morning you can basically have a free day visit with the added bonus of free parking. I did witness a family of actual day visitors arrive when I was walking back onto the camp one morning and they were also waived straight through the gate and told to buy their tickets from guest services, without gate security watching to make sure they actually did that. I doubt anyone would notice if they walked straight past (or into guest services, through check in and out the other end). This is a far cry from where it was a decade ago when you had to show your booking confirmation to get in and got given a parking permit to display in your car, and where day visitors had to buy their tickets from outside the gate.

    I've often believed that they are well aware their security isn't that tight and are happy to leave it that way as there is very little you can do that doesn't involve spending money so they don't really lose out from unofficial day visits and smuggled in extra guests etc.
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