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Thread: This years GALA DINNERS

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    deelieta Guest

    Thumbs down This years GALA DINNERS

    Has anyone been or going to one? We have found out that Minehead's Gala Dinner is no longer a Gala Dinner and it's going to be an Afternoon Tea Dance!!

    Has the Bognor one already been on? ANd the Skeg? Were they both made into Tea Dances too???

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    wazer15 Guest

    Default Skegness

    The Gala Dinner went ahead as planned at Skegness and was hosted on 20 September 2016. I went as i have for last 4 years. However, i dont think there's any plans for future ones !!

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    deelieta Guest


    Thanks for your reply. Was it still a Gala Dinner, I mean, in the evening, sit down posh dinner, with speeches and then entertainment?

    The letter I received basically says that Minehead's is going to be in the afternoon, and a tea dance!

    It does seem like they are trying to faze these out, doesn't it?

    I remember going to my first ever Gala Dinner at Minehead in 2009, and being wowed by it - like going to a wonderful wedding reception. The last time we went was the year before last (a lot of us went together from this forum) and we already were suspicious when they'd changed it so that we couldn't reserve our table all together (there were ten of us). Instead we had a panic trying to get a table that we could all sit on together as they just let people go where they wanted.

    I must admit that I am disappointed that next week it seems we are not going to get our usual, lovely evening dinner. I will let you know what happens. Interesting that Skeg has done something different/

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    minehead forever Guest


    hope you enjoy your break anyway, proposed changes foe next year are extensions to firehouse grill, sun and moon having its conservatory demolished, new front built with a clock tower and renamed the gaiety, ( although i have it on good authority that this might change at the last minute), and the bungalows in holnicote will get patios in a few rows.

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    wazer15 Guest



    It was a normal gala dinner sit down meal.

    Skegness for next year they're continuing with the themed areas and they're converting starfish quay into Fairground Village - Themed rooms and apartments with a fairground theme ! They should be similar to seaside village but a differant theme.

    Alladin Rocks is going and being replaced by Dick Whittington Rocks ! New billy and bonnie bear show is OZ ! I don't have children but I'm a huge OZ geek so i will of course be watching that.

    I've booked for Skegness in May & September 2017

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    wizedy Guest


    Lets hope as usual Minehead are pulling out all the stops and making it an amazing tea party

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    leightonhatter Guest


    Looking forward to the "gala dinner" event because of the company. Of you all who are going.. a tea dance is not my idea of a good time but I know the company will make up for it!! See you all in the morning

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    deelieta Guest


    See you there

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