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Thread: RIP South Downs Holiday Camp - Richardsons

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    Default RIP South Downs Holiday Camp - Richardsons

    Unfortunately the reviews I posted on here do not seem to work. This seems to happen regularly, so I have stopped bothering to post anymore. Anyway, just on the off-chance that it works...

    Breaking news is that Richardsons have sold off South Downs Holiday Camp for the development of housing on the land! Holiday makers and staff have just found out, with many staff who live on-site being made homeless.

    This little old Pontins camp is (was) absolutely fantastic - a nice load of big display boards about the history of the camp, lovely cosy original chalets, great food with table service and salad buffet, fantastic staff, huge games rooms and giant scalextric track, crazy golf, bowls, putting, a warm outdoor pool with fresh poolside towels provided, excellent entertainment venue (decor in good condition) with plenty of seating etc.

    Unfortunately they had a policy of never doing special offers, even when the camp was half full - so they lost out on lots of bar and bingo takings - a mistake?

    An adult only facility, which we preferred to Mill Rythe camp, just down the coast. Plenty of regulars. An ageing population? The rise of the stay-cation?

    No, lets demolish the lot and plonk down yet more housing! This is the second camp (at least!) they have shut down; the last one being Mundesley (again a lovely camp, with great indoor pool, half board and entertainment venue).

    So if you are remotely interested, get down there while you can - it shuts forever on the 2nd January 2017.

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    Also see the recent comments on tripadvisor.

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    This is very, very sad, Kaf, and having been to Sand Bay (Pontins) last summer (another adult only site), and LOVED it, I am sure I would have also loved this site too.
    There isn't enough notice for me to get there though. What a shame. I agree that there is definitely a demand for more holiday resorts / camps / sites here in the UK since the Brexit result. Blackpool this last season has been the busiest I have ever seen it, with even this Christmas and New Year hotels being packed.
    I would love to see some of your photos of the place.
    I know that BM has been extremely quiet these last couple of years, but I am hoping that it will pick up again. I am sure Kev won't mind me saying this now - I am taking over responsibility for BM as Kev is going to be busy with other things in his life. And I will be dedicating a lot more time to the whole site and the forum.
    It's true that facebook has taken over for a while, but I actually think that these forums are SO much better, and in the long run will stand the test of time. I think in the facebook groups it is really difficult to find previous threads, and to keep continuity. I am passionate about keeping this site going and protecting its interests for future preservation.

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