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Thread: working at golden sands mablethorpe

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    Tanya799 Guest

    Default working at golden sands mablethorpe

    hiya I was just wondering if anyone has worked at golden sands mablethorpe
    I've been invited for a interview for bar work
    I've worked at butlins skegness doing bar work since I was 18
    then I hurt my back had to have surgery now they won't let me back
    but haven are more then happy to take me on
    what is staff accomdation like?
    is haven all year round like butlins?

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    Curlywurly45 Guest


    DO NOT enmploy or trust this lady Tanya799 - she has scammed loads of people out of money by pretending she has caravans and taking people's money off them. She has used gumtree and eBay. Disgusting and an insult to the human race

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