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Thread: Butlins ghosts....

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    Rainbow Guest

    Default Butlins ghosts....

    Has anyone heard of any of the centres having ghosts?

    was a few ghost stories bout the gaiety theatre skeggy.

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    Kerry Guest


    well i have'nt seen or heard one while i was there

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    Anonymous Guest


    Yeah .....

    @ minehead...

    Beachcomber & harrys has loads i remember one night on shut down tuseday night i was on 12am-8am shift and about 3am I was on a security tag run when i got to the beachcomber the doors shook and it was cold man i managed to tag the main door and and move on ...But i heard there is many more stories about it like officers have reported the tags being upside down when they wer the right way up etc...
    Another 1 is green B snooker hall just outside the skyline oposite the hire shop this has many stories about ppl playing snooker at night and the sound of balls rattling on the tables....
    Another 1 happend one night i was ona tag run between 4-12midnight shift on a saturday about 11pm aprox i was patrolling lakeside caravan park when i moved to the next tag which was the the lakeside washing place and i moved to the tag and there was this woman there ruff as ne thing and she said hello then i came bk about min later and she gone/???my mates said it was an optical illusion lol i dunno tho

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    Rainbow Guest


    my boyfriend said he has heared a few ghost stories about skegness, when i nxt see him i will get him to tell me, and if i think they are of interest i will post them.

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    joemaplin Guest


    I did once read about a haunted chalet in the staff lines at Filey..
    Does any body else know anything about this....

    Might have been a tall story to put the wind up newcomers tho'.
    Must admit,the camps were a bit eerie late at night,with wind rustling thu' the trees


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    iainl Guest

    Default Unexplained things

    I once saw the BOH restaurant manager at boggy doing some work,it MUST have been a figment of my imagination

    Anyone heard of a member of staff committing suicide at boggy back in the seventies,his ghost is supposed to haunt kent block.

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default Filey Ghost

    Here is one ghost story from Filey camp, extracted from mine and Rocky Mason's unpublished book on Butlin's

    The ghost of Filey camp
    The story of the ghost of Filey camp is so strange that it defies any logical explanation. Rocky Mason, who was at Filey camp in the 1970's never saw the ghost despite a determined effort and numerous visits to the chalet in question, which was situated in Red camp. From enquiries made it seems that the ghost made it's first appearance in the 1960's and Rocky came to hear of it upon his return to the camp as entertainment manager in the 1970's. He overheard a conversation about a family from Scotland who had been allocated the chalet in question and within a couple of days had demanded to be moved as they had seen "The ghost". The family were moved and the story dismissed as rubbish until a few weeks later when the situation was repeated, this time with a family from the South of England. Rocky heard of this and spoke to the receptionist who confirmed the incident and said that it often occurred three or four times a year. Some time later another family requested that they be also moved from the chalet for the same reason. Now very curious Rocky Mason approached the family and spoke to them. The family who came from Sheffield were a middle aged couple with a son of about twelve years, they gave the impression of being a very sensible, down to earth family. The boy said that on the first night he had seen "A sort of vision of a girl sitting at the foot of the bed which suddenly disappeared". The boy said that he hadn't said anything to his parents as he was very tired and he thought that he was seeing things. He also told Rocky that the vision hadn't been scary and didn't frighten him. The father said he had seen much the same thing on the following night. The family had returned to the chalet together at about 11.00pm, as they entered the chalet the boy removed his jacket and his father took it from him intending to put it in the boys room. He put the light on and saw a young girl, about twelve years of age sitting on the edge of the bed. She was wearing a nightdress and looked very unhappy, the vision was so clear that he was going to tell her that she was in the wrong chalet but as he approached her she just disappeared!. The father called out to his wife intending to tell her of what he had just seen but stopped himself when he realised that he might frighten his son. Realising that his father had seen something his son asked him if he had seen the young girl, it was then that he told them about what he had seen the previous night. It was the families first visit to Butlin's and not wishing to make a fuss they simply requested that they be moved to another chalet. The story of the ghost was never made public and so every family that came into contact with the vision did so with no previous knowledge.

    Now the camp has gone, has the ghost also gone??????

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    Domestiques Guest


    in the old gaiety in skeg there was always noises and heavy doors opening and closing and no one would ever enter the backstage from the righ, way too spooky.

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    Anonymous Guest


    Reading the Filey ghost story made me wonder why the girl was there. had she died there and haunted where she died, or had she died eslwhere and returned to a place she loved?

    Does anyone know of a childs death at Filey?

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default i wonder if the housing estate where clacton camp is haunted

    denzy45I wonder if that housing estate where Butlin camp at clacton is haunted. I was there twice when there was a murder. I think the first one was that a security guard got stabbedand the second was something to do with the staff social club. THey were dragging the boating lake for the murder weapon. It got into the papers. Nowt to do
    with me. I stopped going to clacton after 1981 and was very upset when it closed in 83. I felt as if part of my life was over. I have been to bognor, skeggy, barry island, and ayr.

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