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Thread: Maddieson's Camps

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    waiter Guest


    Ah, Maddieson's Littlestone camp! I remember it well. My father was manager there for most of the '60s.

    At the time I'd just left school and had started studying at Folkestone Art School, about fifteen miles away. For about two or three summer holidays, I worked at the camp as a waiter, eventually graduating to working as a barman. Long hours for little pay but loads of fun!

    I have millions of memories of the place, though one of the most enduring was when England played Germany in the 1966 World Cup final. A tiny black and white television was set up in the ballroom and the place was absolutely packed. When England finally won, the place erupted. Needless to say, we all had a wonderful evening.

    One of my worst memories was stencilling a number on every chalet door during blizzard conditions one particularly cold winter. Having displayed this technical side of my limited artistic abilities, I was then allowed to paint a few seaside murals in the cafe, after which I was eventually unleashed on an unsuspecting ballroom stage where I created a masterpiece(?!) of a backdrop featuring an abstract guitar design.

    During this period I worked with a couple of other student mates. We still keep in touch.

    Happy days!

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    Sally Guest

    Default Maddiesons Golden Sands

    I visited Golden Sands as a child in the 60's and have very happy memories of the place. I particularly remember the children's entertainer "Aunty Betty". I visited the site a couple of years ago and was upset to see the place totally demolished. I got chatting to a man who lived nearby and was really sad to hear Aunty Betty had recently died. She was a lovely woman who kept me amused for the whole holiday. Does anyone have any photos of her and the camp apart from the ones on this site - I would really like to see them.

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    M.WALKER Guest

    Smile Maddiesons

    I was on the entertainments staff 1969. I was in the programme as Michael Walker your popular entertainer. I did the compering in the ballroom dances competitions bingo etc. On the team was Martin Lukins Piano Accordianist,The Crofters group, Don Pike Keyboard,Alan Alexander redcoat,Peter Busenicker redcoat, Aunt Edie Childrens entertainer,Pat Robsons Band, The owners where Ray Maddieson, Peter Maddieson and Les Hambridge. The camp manager was Major Clive Smith. This was the real HI De HI,

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    M.WALKER Guest

    Default Chunky Maddiesons

    M.Walker Would like to hear from you I was redcoat 1969 season

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    Ceejay Guest



    New to site

    I went to Maddiesons/Littlestone as a child in either 66 or 67 with my parents and sisters. My memories are a bit vague but a few things that stick out from my 2 weeks there are:

    Hiring bikes/scooters on site
    The boating lake and paddle boat races
    Motorised Elephant!
    Ice Cream Sodas in the Cafe - there is a postcard/picture on-line!
    Organised rambles around the local countryside led by the entertainment staff!
    Winning the children's art/drawing competion!

    Happy Days


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    chunky Guest


    I'm glad to see a couple of newer posts. Hmm, redcoats in 1969... Even though I was a regular in the 60's, I was very young at the time. These are some of the names I remember over the years.

    Jerry Jardine - moved to the US in the 70's.
    Steve Heather - very talented entertainer.
    Terry Bateman
    Ossie - can't remember his surname
    Eddie and Maureen Pryor - eventually went into management before leaving to run a hotel in London
    Penny - again, can't remember her surname, but cute Auntie Penny!
    Bobby Parr - later in the 70's
    Gary Dean - well-known face as an extra on TV was head of entertainment


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    M.WALKER Guest

    Default Maddiesons Owners and Camps

    Quote Originally Posted by Jintygirl View Post
    Has anyone any further information on Maddieson's camps? Apart from what's on the main site? Who was Maddieson? When were they sold off? etc. etc. Go on - someone must know!!!
    Ray Maddieson
    Peter Maddieson
    Les Hambridge

    Littlestone. Chalets, Ballroom ,Pool ,Dinning Room,Pub with stage.
    Camber Sands (caravans) Ballroom, Bar.Pool.
    Golden Sands, St Marys Bay.Chalets, Ballroom,Pool,Bar, Dinning Room.
    St Margarets Bay.Dover. Ballroom , Bar.

    Mike Walker

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    jon anton Guest

    Cool Maddiesons

    Hi Jintygirl,
    I was an Entertainer at Maddiesons St. Margarets from 1967 to 72.
    I still live in the area. Other people have covered most of the details of what's happened to the Sites. St. Margarets is now a Country Club. It was originally a RAF Camp. The ONLY remaining buildings still there are the Reception & the Swimming Pool. The Ballroom & Dining room are Car Park.
    Littlestone has only the Ex-Mermaid Bar, Shop & Railway Halt. The Ballroom burnt down while it was still a Camp. St. Mary's Bay later became a Caravan site. That closed about 14 years ago. The main buildings were demolished only 2 years ago. The kidney shaped Pool is still there covered in Bracken & weeds. It is at the End of Dunstall Lane. St. Marys Bay. You can see the remains as you pass on the RHDR Railway. Camber Sands is now a modern caravan site with all new Buildings & has changed owners several times.
    I have no idea what happened to Hemsby. I have a large collection of Brochures, Leaflets & "What's On"s from those days.
    Please see my main letter elsewhere on the site under St.Margarets Bay.
    Jon Anton.

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    DarrenS Guest


    I was a regular holidaymaker to Camber Sands (1970-1985), with days out at St Margarets and Littlestone as part of the "its a Knockout" Team.
    Anyone got any other pictures and memorabilia?? Thanks

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    DarrenS Guest


    Also does anyone know if Silver Sands caravan Park was also owned by Maddiesons?? I know the two parks are now connected into one big park, but back in the 70's there was no link betwwen the camps, you had to got to main entrance of either to get in, Does anyone know who owned Silver Sands?

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