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Thread: What Would you Put into Room 101?

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    Rainbow Guest


    along while since this was at the begining so everyone who hasnt had a go what 5 things would you put in room 101. anyone who has had ago feel free to have another go too.

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    Bunnykins Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
    1: Richard Madeley.
    2: Carol Vorderman.
    3: 'Baby On Board' signs for cars.
    4: Kilts.
    5: Coffee.
    Came across this old thread about the 5 things you would put in Room 101 (not Bourne related).

    I loved Room 101 and could think of loads of things to go in. Some rather contraversial! So I'll just say I agree with a lot of what has already been said and the post that has the most items in which I agree with so far is this one, minus the kilts, which I don't have a problem with !!

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    Beerbutlin Guest


    People wearing flip-flops who are walking through town, or at the supermarket, LAZY! People who wear sunglasses indoors? What's that all about? Bluetooth headsets? There talking to themselves! I could go on!!!

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    Pushbutton Guest


    • Environmental hysteria (global warming / climate change / carbon footprints etc)
    • Overpriced and not particularly tasty foods that are supposed to be good and which you have to pretend to enjoy (such as rocket, brusceta, panacota or whatever they are!)
    • Over the top health and safety rules
    • No win no fee lawyers who tell you an accident gives you the "right " to claim compensation
    • Facebook (I do use it so maybe this is hypocritical, but it seems to have rendered many people incapable of actually having a conversation. I'd happily sacrifice Facebook completely to have people just talk again (face to face or on the phone or Skype )

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    barryislandfan Guest


    Its funny seeing this thread again after 7 years! Some forum members posting who dont seem to anymore.

    I am sure I would probably have different list for Room 101 these days, although Mr Madeley would still be there

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    KAF2 Guest


    The Scooby Doo Show. The worst show ever made. Watched from 20 metres away. Through somebodies left armpit. Standing. After a two hour wait. Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight!

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    BuhSnarf Guest


    I have to say the biggest disappointment with Scooby doo was the AWFUL american accents. Was so hard to watch.

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    KAF2 Guest


    Totally agree. That was the one thing we couldn't get past either. Reminded me of a school production with kids doing accents in Grease. If they haven't got Americans to do it, then just use their own accents. Sounded so amateur.


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    BuhSnarf Guest


    Which is weird because nearly all the other shows are so professional...

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