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Thread: funny bone gang

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    lucy Guest

    Red face funny bone gang

    does anybody remember the funny bone gang. I would really like to get a copy of "Our Sidney was a Bullshipper" for my daughter's birthday. We visited Bognor Regis from about 1987 to 92

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    Cjm Guest


    I might be wrong but I'm sure I remember the funny bone gang from Pwllheli in 1982.

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    lucy Guest

    Default funnybone gang

    I'm sure the Funnybone Gang were great enough to do the Butlins rounds but 1982 is a bit early for our lot but the thing I really want to chase up is their repetoire of songs with bawdy ineuendo which the parents absolutely adored and the kids just sang along with. My daughter is now 23 and is in nostalgia mood. Of all their childhood memories Butlins stands out as the very best.

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    butlinfan Guest


    I remember them at Pwllheli in 1982 they were great fun and loved their songs, Ive got the Entertainment Guide signed by them all somewhere if i find it ill post a pic

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