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Thread: Mosney

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    minehead forever Guest

    Default Mosney

    just been looking for information about mosney,found this site with an 8 minute clip of footage of mosney as an asylum site with shots in the camp and some old butlins clips.warning it opens as a small real player window so not the best of clips to view.

    just click on the diarmuid peavoy has been to mosney

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    Pushbutton Guest


    For anyone new to the forum who has just found this thread, the site of the former Butlins Holiday Camp in Mosney is the last remaining Butlins holiday camp still in near enough original condition as Sir Billy Butin designed it.

    If you wish to see the site preserved and protected from any future redevelopment please take a look at my online petition.

    If enough people sign it, there is a group of us here at Butlins Memories who intend to use it to help persuade the relevant authorities to ensure the site is preserved for the future and that the original Butlins buildings will be protected against any future demolition.

    35 people signed this petition on the first day it was online, so if that's anything to go by there is a lot of support out there for protecting and preserving this special place.

    Please read the petition here, and sign it if you agree.

    Thank you!
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    Smileysal Guest


    That looks great. enjoyed seeing the mosney camp, (just took me a while to work out real player

    Its a shame that the pool isn't open for the refugees, and maybe a bar and films in the theatre. even if it was only open a few times a week, at least it would relieve the boredom i guess.

    was still nice to see the chalets and the buildings still there. and the pool of course. thanks for the link.


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    aussietrekker Guest


    I went to Mosney 1958, 59 and 61.

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    KAF2 Guest


    Thanks - that was interesting! Funny thing to hear the complaints about not being given enough money and that they don't like being told what to eat and when etc. etc.

    I have to say that lost my job, after paying in for 10 years, and I had to write numerous pleading letters to get just ?70 a week *without* food and board. And even those payments completely stopped after 6 months!

    Didn't know so many of the chalets were stood empty. And that the fun-pool turned around the camp's fortunes. Or that staffing had become a problem.

    Seems to me that if they want to work, like they say, Phelim McCloskey could staff & run it just like Butlins does today. Probably less effort to keep things the way they are, for the money!

    Sadly, can't see it ever opening again as a holiday centre, after having the image of being refugee camp. All the funfair rides were sold off or given away free for collection.


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    aussietrekker Guest


    That is so sad.
    Now I'm more than ever grateful for my hard-drive memory of things of long ago.

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    Pushbutton Guest


    If, like me, you hate realplayer and want to watch these videos in windows media player or Miro, I highly recommend any video converter free edition. It's easy to use, and let's you very quickly convert any video into any format you like, so you can watch all your videos on whichever player you prefer, or convert to DVD format and burn to DVD.

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    deelieta Guest


    wow, that clip shows that the pool is still in perfect condition! wow!
    Why can't they put water in it and let the refugees use it? I suppose it would cost too much.

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    Pushbutton Guest


    Deelieta and I have decided to save Butlins Mosney for future generations!

    We're going to do our best to get it heritage listed for a start!

    We can't do it alone though. If you can help or advise in any way please post here!

    Seriously guys, let's do this or at least give it our best shot because otherwise I'm afraid it looks almost certain that within the next few years it will either be left to decay like Filey and Barry were, or just be demolished.

    This is THE LAST remaining fully intact original style Butlins camp and it seems to be extremely well maintained. But once it's gone, that's it forever.

    Let's not let that happen!!!
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    Pushbutton Guest


    Having started doing a little bit of research, I'm a bit confused about how one would go about things. The main issue is which authority to approach.

    It seems English Heritage would administer requests for heritage listing in England (

    and Northern Ireland Environment Agency ( would be responsible in Northern Ireland.

    Both have significantly different criteria for listing buildings.

    However Mosney is in Eastern Ireland as I understand it, so I'm not sure if either of those bodies would be able to consider it for listing.

    Can anyone help? Is there some other body responsible in Eastern Ireland? Could Heritage Ireland be the place to go? ( Only problem is unlike on the English and Northern Ireland sites, the heritage ireland one doesn't seem to say anything about how to get things listed. It seems to be more of a tourist guide.
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