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Thread: Mosney

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    Pushbutton Guest


    That's interesting Jenybird. It says the capacity at Mosney is being reduced from 800 to 650. I wonder what that means for the camp?

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    Peter138 Guest


    Hi folks,

    sorry for the absence but ive been busy for quite a while now but ive been back online and working hard on some projects. One has just gone live right now, and thats the Mosney Youtube Channel which can be found here:

    Ive collaborated the majority of videos related to Mosney into this channel, and over the next few weeks i will be adding more videos including footage from 1999 and also the RTE documentary "Faith, Hope and a Chalet Key" which was recorded in 1998. Ive also made an appeal to anyone on the Mosney Facebook page, asking for any more footage people may have of the camp. Fingers crossed there is a good response"

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    Pushbutton Guest


    Great idea! Some nice videos there and well worth a watch!

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    Peter138 Guest


    I uploaded the first video to the Mosney Youtube channel. Its footage of what the camp looks like today. Its bizarre how its more or less still the same, even down to the arcade machines still having money in them! Its eerie seeing Funtropica with no water in it.

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    deelieta Guest


    Hello Peter,

    That link doesn't seem to be working. Did you mean this one?
    YouTube - Mosney Holiday Centre - 2010.wmv

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    minehead forever Guest


    thats fantastic,looks like its already to welcome a new batch of incoming guests,shame it isn't.

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    Janeybird Guest


    It's heartbreaking to see all those familiar places deserted. There's the ghost of a slim young Janeybird flitting around the corners if you watch carefully enough. I know I left part of me in Mosney.

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    Pushbutton Guest


    It's wonderful to see the camp in such amazing condition. If it weren't for the current government use for asylum seekers, it would be incredibly easy to reopen the camp. Looks like pretty much everything is in great condition and just ready to open tomorrow!

    If it did, I'd definitely be there asap! It would be like stepping back in time to those wonderful glorious days of the 80s. Whatever happens I can only pray that they don't destroy any of this beautiful camp, and that it continues to be maintained to the current standard.

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    Peter138 Guest


    I uploaded the RTE documentary "Faith, Hope and a Chalet Key" to the channel:

    part 1 - YouTube - Mosney - Faith, Hope & a Chalet Key part.1
    part 2 - YouTube - Mosney - Faith, Hope & a Chalet Key part.2
    part 3 - YouTube - Mosney - Faith, Hope & a Chalet Key part.3

    More will come this week.

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    Pushbutton Guest


    Fantastic stuff, thanks a lot!

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