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Thread: Mosney

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    Another thing worth remembering is that there is more than one way of protecting buildings from demolition.

    Heritage listing on the national heritage register is probably the first step and most likely to succeed. Heriatge listing does not give absolute protection but it does impose some legal restrictions.

    Basically if the owner of a heritage listed building wants to make alterations (or even demolish) they still might be able to, but the process of getting planning approval involves much more than it would for a non-listed building and it's likely they would not get approval for demolition.

    Another way is to get a preservation order put on the building, which absolutely bans any alteration and certainly demolition.

    I don't know that much about it but from what I've heard preservation orders are often temporary and might be applied to a building if the owner wants to demolish it whilst the authorities are in the process of deciding whether or not to heritage list it.

    Then again we could just barge in and put a chair against the inside of the chalet doors!
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    If anyone wants to help with this project, one way would be to compile a list of all the reasons (ones that would be given serious official consideration) why the site is worthy of heritage listing.

    Most of the guidelines I have seen so far on the above mentioned heritage organisations sites state that buildings built in more recent times are a lot less likely to be listed than very old ones, so we have to come up with other sold reasons.

    It's a shame Mosney wasn't used as an army base during WWII like some of the other camps because that would surely be almost enough on its own.

    Therefore I think the sort of reasons we need to come up with will have to be based on evidence of the social and cultural historic importance of the site.
    Anyone with ideas please list them here, or on the facebook discussion at
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    Deelieta just came up with another great idea. A petition would no doubt be a good way to add some extra weight to our claim for heritage listing.

    There's apparently over 4000 members on BM so if everyone signed a petition that would go a long way. Then we could promote it through facebook and other means to get additional signatures.

    I'll start one up as soon as I can get all the necessary information together and I'll post another message in this thread when I do.
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    I am totally with you on this Pushbutton. I really think something has to be done, and I honestly think we have a very good chance of getting it.
    Butlins is, was, a very important concept historically speaking. It was grand, innovative, and Billy Butlin was a classic example of a highly successful entreprenour, who wasn't just out to become rich, but totally believed in making people happy. He gave huge sums of money to charity and was recognised for his work by being knighted. His camps were phenomenal! The buildings are of historical interest for social reasons, economic reasons and definitely cultural reasons. Sir Billy Butlin was aiming his holidays at the working class - making sure they were affordable for a week's pay. He invented the redcoat and the whole idea of giving people something for nothing, which is still a recognised priniciple of successful businesses today.
    Not only that, the camps were like dream worlds. There has never been anything else like them since and they played a huge part in the history of Great Britain.

    I think when we make our case, we need to focus on the social aspect historically, the cultural aspect and the actual buildings.

    let's get a recognised (famous) person on our side too, like Prince Charles, who is renowned for his work saving buildings.


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    Yet another great idea from Deelieta (she has been sending me them by pm) is to see if the BBC would be interested in covering it somehow (or I suppose failing that any channel in any suitable program, or as a documentary in its own right).

    I suppose another similar thing on a smaller scale would be for one of us to make a youtube video mini-documentary about it. Anyone willing to have a crack at that?

    So we already have quite a list of things we as a group can do, but Deelieta and I can't do them all. Please let us know if you are interested in helping with any of the ideas listed so far on this thread, or if you have any more ideas to add.
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    Already the wheels are in motion!

    If you are keen to ensure that the last remaining original and fully intact Butlins camp stays as it is for future generations, please join the facebook group to show your support.

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    I've had another idea...
    Let's get ex-famous-reds with clout on our side. For example, Sir Cliff Richard, Des O' Connor... etc.
    Sir Cliff is friends with Prince Charles I believe too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deelieta View Post
    I've had another idea...
    Let's get ex-famous-reds with clout on our side. For example, Sir Cliff Richard, Des O' Connor... etc.
    Sir Cliff is friends with Prince Charles I believe too.
    Brilliant! I like it a lot. You never know, some of these people might even be willing to put in some of their own cash to buy the camp and reopen it to the public in some form in the longer term.

    Ok so I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but surely it's possible if we really do get together and push this all the way?
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    Default another Mosney link

    Particularly interesting are these paragraphs:
    Built in 1948, Mosney was the Irish incarnation of the Butlins holiday camps, situated in Mosney, Co Meath. It attracted families and couples who went there on holidays to enjoy the sea air 25 miles north of Dublin city. There were amusements, a fun park, a swimming pool with slides, ballroom dancing and bingo, restaurants and bars. In its heyday, it held 2,800 campers and 4,000 day visitors.

    Seaview, opens with a tour of the camp’s amenities by the resident caretaker; the kitchen (where everything was cooked with steam which was then used to heat the swimming pool), the ‘Traditional Fish and Chip Shop’, the old ballroom, its immense grounds, the storage rooms, the bedrooms – relics of good old fashioned pleasure. Mr Hughes reminisces about “the bonny baby, the glamorous granny and lovely legs competitions”.

    So it sounds like Mosney really is still in good condition. This 'Seaview' documentary could also be in our favour, as it is bringing Butlins Mosney to the attention of a very wide audience. This could tie in nicely if the BBC were to make a documentary about the 'Seaview' documentary and then about Butlins past... and the future of the camp.

    It would be fantastic if Bourne Leisure were to buy up Mosney, put all the old funfair rides there, and refill the swimming pools, do it up and then open it as a retro camp. They could have 80s weeekends there, 60s, 40s, 50s... everything... with radio Butlins, and the donkey Derby, glamourous granny, ballroom dancing, proper bingo, read out by redcoats, talent competitions, knobbly knees, Beaver club and 913. It would be a huge thing for Bourne and something amazing for them. Just think, that they would have a working camp, as it was in the good old days... campers would have to be in their 'houses' and take part in the activities, and be woken up in the morning for first sitting breakfast. It would be such a laugh and Bourne could, if done correctly, do so well out of this. They just need to realise the potential here of deliberately making it a retro camp, and then go overboard!
    I bet it would become the most successful of all of them and Sir Billy Butlin would be proud.
    Let's preserve Butlin's Mosney.

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    I've often contemplated the idea of somebody opening it as a retro camp, but always gave up after thinking "who would have the resources to do that?"

    However until now I have never really seriously considered the possibility that Bourne Leisure could actually do it.

    Having read your last post though I really do think they could. The only major problem I can see is the location. It's not exactly central to most people in Britain and I think for something like a retro holiday camp the appeal is limited to those who remember holidays at such camps in a positive way and would actually be interested in reliving those experiences.

    It's not everyones type of holiday. I'm sure if it was marketed correctly then there's probably enough people around Britain who would be interested in that to make it viable, (probably in conjunction with other initiatives) but persuading them all to go to Mosney could be hard so they would probably have to package the holiday with subsidised transport across to Ireland. Then I think it could work.

    I love the idea of making it a retro camp though. They would probably want to seperate it somehow from the modern Butlins brand because it would be very different in most ways, but with the right entertainment and the right marketing I really think people would go for it.

    Maybe once we've got more facts together on the current ownership and rough timing of any future sale, it would be worth sending a letter to someone high up in Bourne Leisure suggesting it.

    I'd imagine that ideally it would probably be best to do that after getting some publicity out there abut the camp.

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