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Thread: BlueSkies

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    keno051 Guest

    Default BlueSkies

    Has anyone actually enquired/looked into about the 30 year scheme that they have on offer?

    I know it says that the price is from ?6000 for your 30 years holiday(s) but FROM is a big word and surely the true cost would be alot more???

    As if you break the ?6000 into 30 years it works out at ?200 per year which is a steal! and especially with inflation happening every year :l you could be looking at ?1,000 for a family holiday for just 7 nights within 2 years.

    Anyone had a longer think about the offer and will possibly consider it in the near future?
    Or possibly dead against it?

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    keno051 Guest


    No-one then?

    There was a channel on your tv set in your chalet advertising the BlueSkies apartments hosted by lorraine kelly,she basically just asked a customer who has already purchased a apartment what she thinks of the apartment and also the things it has to offer you.

    Also showed you around each room in your apartment and what you recieve on arrival,got to admit it doesnt arf' look plush! and very smart.

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    discokev Guest


    Yes, I found that channel too and was actually impressed by the number of channels available on the tv!

    I must admit that I sat through it and that I'd not thought about the inflation effect until after I watched it! They do look nice but don't think I'll be buying one!

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    keno051 Guest


    Yeah the inflation bit was timely put in their and a good coy to get you thinking or even parting with your cash.

    Although i would imagine the 30 year scheme would be closer to the ?10k mark than the ?6k as promoted

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    lea_uk Guest


    Got a website address for it?

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    keno051 Guest

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    Smiler Guest


    I was looking through the leaflet for it tonight.... The cheapest package is a shade under ?6K, this buys you a certain number of points and then you can buy a break with those points. In addition you also have to pay a monthly fee, on the cheapest package it's about ?27pm, thats ?324pa

    The cheapest package of course won't get you much of a holiday. The more points you purchase, the more expensive the monthly fee is.

    It's a 30 year deal you're buying into.... don't know about you but I certainly wouldn't be wantging to tie myself to a deal for that long although I know these points can be used at places throughout the world.

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    keno051 Guest


    Whats the monthly fee actually for?(is that just a add on?)

    I agree with ya tieing yourself to paying monthly fees for 30 years is not good

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    blackie111082 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by keno051 View Post
    Whats the monthly fee actually for?(is that just a add on?)

    I agree with ya tieing yourself to paying monthly fees for 30 years is not good

    You get MORTGAGES for 30 years!!!! Buy a house instead!!!! Do they charge you interest over the 30 years? Or is that 10k including interest?

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    keno051 Guest


    I would imagine so,unless you pay outright,just not too sure what the monthly fee(s) are actually for???

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