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Thread: I hate butlins!!!!!

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    Pushbutton Guest


    Well we all seem to agree that Minehead has a lot more redcoats visible around the camp, and that they seem to interact more with people, compared to Skeggy.

    At first I thought that maybe it was just in my own experience and perhaps I chose a bad week to be at Skeggy when there weren't as many redcoats as normal (the fact that the last time I stayed at Skeggy was the week before spring harvest added to that belief).

    Now though it seems most of us that have been to Skeggy and Minehead have had the same sort of experience as far as redcoats go.

    Does anyone know why this is? It does seem odd doesn't it?

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    dizzylisa Guest


    I was really disappointed with the lack of redcoats and when we did see them they were off somewhere or not giving eye contact, perhaps its the times we are now living in and they are so young or maybe I am just getting old.

    Speaking of which they are on tv now on The way we were on Holiday ITV1

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    beatles Guest


    yes the same at bognor they come and sit with me if the shows are on but im glad you had a good time im off to bognor on monday and cant wait but yes i had to complain in june about the chalet not being clean even after they had come round the second time it was still as messy

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    dizzylisa Guest


    I'm back after all these years

    Baby is now 10 whole years old, time certainly flies and now single

    I have taken my girl back to Skegness twice in the past 2 years and we love it, in fact, before I left last week I booked to go Oct half term as well as next July. It is so much easier as a single parent than abroad. However the next two upcoming hols I have changed from Silver to Standard as I always seem to be placed really far away, at least in Standard my girl can come and go as hopefully we shall be much nearer to all the aminities ....Now dare I ever try Minehead?

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    Themeparksandy1981 Guest


    Im going to Skegness for the 1st time since April 2012 in October. I think it's the biggest park but I hate the fact it's miles away from Skegness. I'm also doing Bognor Oct half term. I prefer Minehead the best as it has the best beach,best real ales pubs. Do they still sell local ales on the Skegness camp?

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    dizzylisa Guest


    I can't say I noticed real ales as I only drink Wine

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    Steve F Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by blue3168 View Post
    ...When I went to skeggy last month I thought the redcoats were all over the place and a few of them I think were very good coming over to us in reds sitting talking,messing around and swapping pin badges everynight with my daughter!
    There were definitely more read coats in Reds than anywhere else but the ones we saw were very friendly and one remembered our oldest daughter from the previous year and they had a good chinwag. We didn't have any problem with dirty accommodation. We did have two electrical faults, first with the shower and then with the hob but in both cases an electrician turned up in about ten minutes to get us going again.

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