Hi, My 7 year old daughter recently found an old magic tricks book, that belonged to my Uncle. I tried to explain that my Uncle, Brett Cresswell was an accomplished magician (Magic Circle) spent many years at Butlins, had met my Aunt (my Mums younger sister Brenda Maguire) as Redcoats at Butlins etc etc - so I googled Brett and found references to him, here on Butlins Memories.

Brett and Brenda had met via Butlins in the late 50s, Brett moved to Australia to work in the new commercial TV channels out there, Brenda followed him there, and they were married in Sydney in the early 60s - you can imagine how glamourous this sounded to a young nephew, how we used to wait for the christmas tape message, and then in the 70s an actual phone call (max 2 mins!!).
Brenda and Brett returned in 1971 or there abouts, they ran a golf club in the NWest and then a pub in London, before returning to Ayr - where Brett was Ents Manager and Brenda was in charge of Radio Butlins. This was to be my first Butlins holiday, we went to Ayr for a week, my Dad won 20 on the bingo - so we stayed a second week - heaven!

From Ayr over the winter I guess about 72, they were at the Blackpool hotel, before going to Minehead. I had 5 fantastic years holidays at Minehead, sometimes on camp, and sometimes in local accomodation.

After Minehaed Brett transferred to the offcies at Bognor, and then I think at the time of Rank's acquisition he moved to Rank, where he became effectively the Ents Director for Caledonian Holidays, Brenda and Brett jetted around the place sourcing acts, checking the hotels programmes in place such as in the Carribean and Gambia. Again all very glamourous sounding, but I think at this stage for them the glitz was wearing thin, so it was with some relief when Rank went through another re-org, and Brett managed to get out.

Not one to let grass grow under his feet, Brett became the Leisure Director at the Portsmouth Pyramids, from where there are great shots of him surrounded by celebs and stars of all generations, from the Beverley Sisters to Freddie Starr.

From there Brett moved to a relatively comfortable semi-retirement in the Bognor area.
Unfortunately Brett died in 1996, and Brenda the following year. Very happy memories for me of my Uncle and Aunty, Brett and Brenda, and of course further great memories of Butlins in the 70s.

Just to keep the family connection my sister Sue Bulmer, was a redcoat at Bognor in about 1986